HP AB565A Server Memory Purchase Guide

Every desktop computer, laptop, and the server have memory. RAM memory processes information from the solid-state drive or hard drive, stores this information and instructions, and allows the CPU to access it. Without ab565a server memory, the server will not be able to perform any tasks.

Server memory is important for the functioning of a server, but as these systems are usually active 24 hours, they do not use typical DDR4 memory. In technical terms, a standard DDR4 is called unregistered or unbuffered memory, in which the memory controller in the processor talks straight to the memory chips on the DIMMs.

Why do you Need Short-Term Memory?

The question might come to your mind: why should I buy short-term or temporary memory when I have long-term memory? The answer is simple. It is because RAM is faster than NVM. Instead of searching information or instructions in the hard disk drive, the processor can evade this sluggish storage and go to the server memory, which enables enhanced read times in your server.

Servers will be able to manage more VMs (Virtual Machines) and distribute their loads efficiently by increasing memory bandwidth and speed and adding more memory. It can help businesses to run more effectively. In case memory fails, this can result in server faults that can lead to data and production loss. 

Who Needs a Server?

Server memory will be required by users or professionals who already use servers. So, let us find out who uses servers.

  • Businesses 

Servers are a vital part of a business technology structure as they save applications and files, large databases, and host websites, process huge amounts of data efficiently and quickly, handle mission-critical workloads, and offer scalable resources.

  • Startups
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Servers are essentially used to store and access data and to run various applications. Servers enable the exchange of information, which is the basis for most of the IT applications in startup businesses. Mostly, they choose cloud servers, as cloud servers cost them a bit low.

  • Hosting Providers

Host providers deliver different types of services, such as server hosting for business and web applications, virtual servers, dedicated server hosting, and mail servers. Host providers offer services to their clients by co-locating servers in data centers.

Types of Server Memory

Different types of memory include ROM and RAM – both of which are server memory types. RAM comes in 3 types of form factors: LRDIMM, Unbuffed (UDIMM), and registered (RDIMM). Load-reduced memory has an MP chip that supports higher densities. RDIMMs stabilize individual memory modules to allow CPU access to data more quickly, which ultimately enhances the speed of the entire system. On the other hand, UDIMMs don’t have this feature. 

HP ab565a memory module comes with different levels of performance, costs, efficiency, and reliability so that IT professionals can select the best memory solutions which fit their individual business needs.

The Capacity of Server RAM

It is measured in GBs, and available in your modules. The capacity can range from 16 GB and can go all the way up to 32 GB. As far as the size is concerned for high-end workstations, 16GB is probably the best. Similarly, for servers, 16GB and 32GB are normal capacities.


RAM memory modules can be easily installed by fixing them into a hollow DIMM slot. Some boards just have 2 DIMM slots, so make sure that you know how many sticks your board can hold. 

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Ranks and Bandwidth

More ranks mean that more information can be shifted to the processor. Having the best rank for the server makes sure that you will not face any bottlenecking, and the server’s performance will be smoother. The speed is always measured in MHz and bandwidth in MT/s (millions of transfers/seconds). Upgrading the server memory is the easiest and most affordable way if you are looking to defend your system against bottlenecking.


If you are looking for the best server memory module, you can buy HP AB565A SDRAM. Following are some of the specifications of this memory.

  • Brand: HP-IMSourcing
  • ECC
  • Speed: DDR2 SDRAM
  • Type: 100-Pin SDRAM

What to look for Before Buying memory?

Following are the factors you need to consider before buying a server memory

  1. Your memory requirement: It can range from 8GB to 32 GB according to your requirements
  2. For gaming: A minimum of 8 GB RAM should be used for gaming
  3. Speed: You need to match the speed of RAM to be matched with the maxi speed of the system. 
  4. Price Tag: it is one of the most important factors to consider while buying memory for your server. Always purchase one according to your budget

 Which Brand to Choose?

As far as the matter is concerned with choosing the best brands, there are several tech companies that design the best servers and server memories, including Dell, HP, Supermicro, and Cisco. But HP ab565a remains the best in sales in both secondary and primary markets. HP has server memories for everyone in all price ranges. All of its components for all the servers are simply available.

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