How to Protect Your Online Photographs & Images?

Your photos mean a lot for your business, especially if you are a photographer. A photographer works hard to collect image database and it takes minutes to steal them. Online stealing has become so common these days. It is called image theft. The next thing is to put restriction on your photos. Whenever it comes to protecting your photography, it makes you serious and careful about your data. Images are everything for a photographer, as these are the assets that need time to build-up. Can you imagine the hard work or energy put up by a photographer behind getting photos?

Of course, a photograph undergoes nature, bridal, adventurous and casual images. How does it feel when someone steals those photos? It feels so bad and disappointing when someone is involved in image theft cases.

How do you secure your pictures from theft?

The first thing is to understand the process of theft. How someone is involved in theft when you have the ownership of photos? Of course, you upload the images on your website and social channels; even you create personal blogs to keep the stock of photos. You showcase the photos to get the attention of visitors. In the meantime, you also create troubles for yourself by inviting stealers to download your photos. It is how people get your photos.

Your uploaded images should be saved from all stealers. So, it is better to keep limits and let others to seek permission before using your images. How to protect photos from theft? Here are the steps you may follow to protect your pictures!


Watermarking is the best strategy to follow to protect images. If you want to secure your photos from theft, you can follow watermarking strategy to save your data. Image theft is a crime that can be protected in several ways. However, the smartest technique is to make your data paid. Of course, it should not be free for the visitors. Keep your images licensed and that’s the best thing to protect pictures from theft. Therefore, watermark works for it.


Another trick is to advertise your images for yourself. It is called branding strategy that protects your data from theft. It is the best strategy that many photographers and designers follow to secure data from stealing. In this way, a visitor comes to know about the restriction that an owner puts on the image. Self-promotion works for it, so you must follow this trick to get rid of scammers. Self-promotion is a kind of watermarking, but works differently.

Implement Copyright Laws

If watermark and advertising don’t work for you, don’t get disappointed. You can implement copyright laws to make a difference. Many expert scammers remove watermarks using designing skills, so you can apply copyright laws to protect your photos. It protects your image from theft and also it is the smart strategy that comes with additional benefits. You must adjust copyright information in your camera. It is a feature available in latest DSLR cameras that enhance image security. For getting more information you can also check

Avoid Uploading photos in full resolution

Never upload a full resolution image, as it gets the attention of stealers. A full resolution photo is more likely to be downloaded by others, as it looks beautiful and eye-catching. Indeed, it gets the attention of users who like attractive photos. So, they download it from your website. If you are worried about it, the better is to upload low quality version of picture. These are the tricks you may use to secure your photos. 


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