How to Prepare Your Child for Preschools in Malaysia?

The majority of parents struggle with how to keep their children away from them. They become frightened and worried about what will happen, and whether or not they will be able to cope or calm down because they have never been away from them for even a few seconds.

The best way to prepare your child for Preschools in Malaysia is to prepare their mindsets by talking to them, helping them develop habits that can help them settle down easily without making them too anxious.

The majority of parents have a slew of questions about their child’s preparation for preschool. It’s natural to have such concerns and reservations before sending your child to preschool, which is nothing more than a series of age-appropriate milestone events for youngsters. This is also the critical period in which their child will be ready for formal schooling, where they will learn and lay the framework for their primary school education.

So every parent wants to make sure that they are ready and everything pans out smoothly for their children.

So here are valuable tips by School Kuala Lumpur for parents which will help you make this transition easy and fun.

Tips by Kuala Lumpur School to ready their children for preschool

Talk to them

Let your child know about preschool (what it is and what are the things that will be available there). Let them know that they will learn new things, make friends, and have various activities to play so that they get excited. Tell them what they will have to do in order to be prepared for preschool. It is a good idea to talk to them a few months in advance but do not overdo things or over-prepare them as it might lead to anxiety in the child.

Change their routine

Most of the kids do not have a timetable of following a routine but being parents you need to do it for them. So once you are aware of the dates of Preschools in Malaysia opening, start preparing them a few months in advance by putting them into following habits. 

For eg:- Going to bed early and waking up early, and telling them why they are doing it. Children of 2-4 years old take about 2 months to adjust to a new routine so start early as possible.  Good sleep will keep them in a happy and fresh mood. Make sure to follow consistency in terms of wake up time and other habits, try and stick to the routine. 

Also, make sure that you give them enough time to get ready for school. For eg:- if your child’s school is at 10 am, then wake them up at 8 am so that they get enough time to adjust and get ready for school. Asking them to rush in the morning after waking up late will make them cranky and irritable in school. 

Add reading books in their routine

Make use of bedtime by integrating storybooks. Dedicate a few minutes every night, read to them, tell them stories from books so that they develop a love for books and reading. As it will enhance your child’s vocabulary, improve their language etc which is needed to be preschool ready.

Work upon their behavioural issue

If your child has some behavioural issues, put them into the habit of correcting them. 

It is very important to help them realise what is wrong and how it can affect others. Try to help them reflect on these things when they are in a good mood or during bedtime while they are relaxed and when they will be able to understand better. When some thoughts are registered during bedtime it directly registers in their subconscious mind which helps them to understand it better and follow it 

Toilet Training

It is very essential so that your child does not have to face embarrassment in front of others. Even though School Kuala Lumpur is equipped to handle potty issues but it’s great if your child is toilet trained as it will help them to become independent 

Daily chores

Put them into the habit of doing age-appropriate daily chores independently. For eg:- clearing the plates after eating, making a place tidy after play, putting things in their original place or place assigned, how to pack bags, wearing clothes, socks and shoes,  eating without anyone’s help, etc.  Teach them initially until they are able to handle it all alone and remind them to follow it daily.

Help them familiarize

You can take your child to Preschools in Malaysia before the actual opening date so that they become familiar with the place, teachers, and few students who will be going to the same preschool. Show them play, toy and other areas for activities so that they become excited. Most preschools conduct 1-2sessions in order to help children become familiar with the school, so do not miss those sessions.

Be ready to get emotional

Separation and anxiety will make your child cry a few days but it will get normal as the days pass by. You might get emotional seeing them in tears but you need to be prepared for this and make yourself strong so that they can settle down. Instead, help them in settling down in their new phase of life.


The human brain grows at an exponential rate till the age of six, so preschool is the prime time to develop good characteristics, habits and other aspects of your child which will last a lifetime.

It’s not easy for any parents to be away from their child but sending them to preschool is very important as it will set them up for further formal schooling. You might think of preschool as an optional bonus for kids but they are essential and have undeniable benefits. 

Preschool provides high-quality education programs along with playtime and skills development that prepare them for kindergarten. School Kuala Lumpur builds a strong foundation in pre-literacy, social, emotional, cognitive skills that will help in later years of life. Preschool provides various opportunities and environments for children to learn in ways that interest them, thus helping in building positive learning experiences. 



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