How to Motivate Yourself When You’re Absolutely Exhausted

There are very few people who jump straight out of bed with a vow to take the world head-on throughout the day. Most of us just simply don’t have that kind of pep and energy and the daily grind can become overly exhausting for all of us. Sometimes it’s hard deadlines, lack of sleep, overwork, anxiety at work, or maybe something you just don’t like working on at all. All of these things can combine to demotivate us until we feel we can’t go on anymore. 

First and foremost. It is perfectly OK to feel exhausted. We are not Energizer bunnies that are energized all the time. We can feel down and unmotivated too. Then, of course, there are times when we are so full of energy that our productivity goes through the roof. However, if you are going through those slumps in life when you feel totally exhausted, it is time to take a step back and re-assess yourself. Here are a few tips on how you can motivate yourself even when you are absolutely exhausted. 

Whenever you feel that your energy is low, you will find it hard to get anything done properly. So if you feel that you are dragging your feet – just stop whatever it is that you are working on, and take some time out. You can use this time to make a new list of things to do or redo your old list. Many studies have shown that writing down what we need to do is a good way of motivating ourselves so that we can achieve our core goals.

  • Go to an Iboga Retreat 

Attending an Iboga Retreat Program might be just the thing to recharge your batteries. Basically, an Iboga Retreat helps you to reconnect to your soul via  Psycho-Spiritual healing. It will help you to address the various physical and emotional issues and problems that you are forced to face in everyday life. In other words, if you look at it from a purely traditional context, Iboga is a set of psycho-spiritual tools that allow you to reconnect to your inner self while supporting not just a sense of peace but also harmony within your community. Attending such a retreat will help you to get away from the rat race and commune with yourself to see if you are going where you want to go. In this case, going to Iboga Retreat to take a break and relax will allow you to get back stronger than ever before. 

  • Commit publicly to your course of action

Accountability almost always works well. After all, none of us like other people to have a negative opinion of ourselves, nor do we want to look bad in front of the people whose respect we want. This is why the odds are that if you have decided on a course of action publicly, you will be sure to achieve it. Ultimately, this is one of the key reasons behind the runaway success of social media. A lot of people make posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like, and commit themselves to a certain course of action. This way, they will have to go through with it or become the subject of public opprobrium. 

  • Try to change your location

Many times it’s not just us who have gotten exhausted, but the environment around us that is making us feel so down. This is why changing your location can be an ideal way of ensuring that you will be able to regroup and come back stronger than ever. After all, we have the concept of annual vacations and the like for precisely such eventualities. In case you feel that the environment around you is not conducive to productivity, there is no harm in changing your location. You may have to do it for at least a few days before reverting. 

  • Conclusion

Many of us feel absolutely exhausted but still have to find the will to carry on. Here, you can enroll in an Iboga Retreat program or go for a vacation. Sometimes, making lists and committing yourself publicly to your work also helps you get over your rough patch. Good luck!  


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