How To Motivate Your Kid Who Is Enrolled in A Primary School in Singapore?

Yes, individual personality does play a role in a child’s motivation to study and overall inclination toward schooling and education. Still, most children who are good learners had to become good learners at some point. The mass of good students is not born with the ability to study. More importantly, any student with a basic aptitude and the correct desire may become a successful learner. These are being perfectly crafted in GIIS, the best primary school in Singapore.

One of the most common mistakes teachers and parents make when developing students and children who are effective learners is limiting learning to the classroom.

While the classroom is likely to be the primary source of education,

intellectual, social, and academic growth should extend beyond the classroom walls if you want to boost a child’s desire and aptitude to study truly.

The approaches and strategies shown here are tried-and-true methods for motivating your child to learn, which the good secondary schools in Singapore do. If you employ them effectively, your youngster or student will develop a passion for learning.

1- Encourage honest and open conversation

Please urge your child or student to express their educational concerns. Create an open environment where your kid feels free to communicate his likes, dislikes, or concerns. 

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Attempt to validate his feelings when he shares them, even if you disagree. Good learners from GIIS, the best primary school in Singapore, understand that their opinions matter. They may be candid about their educational experiences without fear of being judged, put down, discouraged, or ignored. When youngsters believe that their perspective is unimportant or stuck, they are more inclined to withdraw from the learning process.

2- Put your child studying in good secondary schools in Singapore in charge as much as possible

When it comes to schooling, some children know control, control, control. When youngsters feel controlled or out of control in their education, they

frequently retreat from learning. It is critical to lead children through the

learning process, but giving them autonomy over their own learning experience is critical. 

Giving children options is an excellent approach to accomplish this. Allow children to have direct involvement in their learning choices, whether at home or in the classroom. Allow youngsters to choose their topic to write about, for example, when assigning a writing project. This is best incorporated in good secondary schools in Singapore.

Allowing children to choose their extracurricular activities is also recommended. The more control and input a child has over their learning environment, activities, and style, the more curious and motivated they will be to learn.

3- Create a reading environment for your kid studying at a primary school in Singapore

Some would claim that reading is the secret to achieving success in life. We would most definitely say that reading is, at the very least, a prerequisite for academic success.

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Students who can read well can learn in all areas, including technical ones like math and science. Reading not only helps youngsters build a far larger vocabulary, but it also teaches their brain how to understand concepts and formal communication. And the advantages of reading extend far beyond greater performance in language arts classes.

Making reading enjoyable rather than irritating is essential for developing effective readers. If youngsters believe that reading is uninteresting or frustrating, they will stop reading, and their learning capacity will suffer. Allow children to choose their books to read, assist them in reading, and plan activities that make reading enjoyable for them.

4- Introduce and encourage various learning styles

Every child has learning preferences and styles best suited to their learning style. Some youngsters have a dominant learning style, while others like to learn differently. There isn’t always one right or wrong learning style or a combination of learning types. You can, however, employ ways to boost your child’s rate and quality of learning by assisting him in discovering his preferred learning modes.

The seven basic learning styles are visual, auditory, verbal, physical, logical (mathematical), social, and solitary. Children who are visual learners, for example, learn best by seeing how things function. Children who are auditory learners, on the other hand, learn best by listening to things being discussed. It is beneficial for young children to investigate and apply several learning techniques. These techniques are being taught to the students from a very early stage at GIIS, the best primary school in Singapore.

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5- Consider your child’s interests

Learning becomes interesting and engaging for youngsters when it involves them in areas and subjects of interest. If you truly want to assist your child in becoming a good student, encourage him to investigate themes and subjects that pique his interest. If he is interested in dinosaurs, help him find interesting and amusing dinosaur books and stories. Then have him name his top five dinosaurs and explain why he chose each of them.

Signing off

There you have it. These are some effective ways of motivating your child to study at a primary school in Singapore. 


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