How to Make Your Phoenix Billboard Stand Out

If you’re looking to boost your advertising presence in the Southwest United States, you’re going to want to invest in billboards in Phoenix, the state capital of Arizona. With a population of approximately 1.6 million people, Phoenix is the most densely populated city in Arizona, and the fifth most populated city in the country as a whole. Phoenix is also a tourist hub for those looking to escape to relaxing spas and resorts, as well as for golf fans who come to visit some of the prestigious courses located within the city. Given its broad local population and year round influx of tourists, advertising your business on billboards in Phoenix is the perfect way to grow your brand’s recognition within Arizona and beyond the state’s borders. 

What Type of Billboards Are Best to Advertise On in Phoenix? 

Billboards in Phoenix are a great way to reach a diverse demographic with your company’s message. The most common types of billboards in Phoenix are print and digital billboards, which each have their own pros and cons. As a business owner, you want to make sure that you’re getting the most bang for your buck when spending your marketing budget, so we’re here to break down print and digital billboards in Phoenix to help you figure out which might be best for your business’ advertising strategy. 

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Print Billboards

Print billboards in Phoenix are a simple and effective way to reach a wide consumer base in Phoenix. Print billboards feature a blown up static image that’s been printed on either vinyl or paper material and manually adhered to a large, metal billboard structure. Given their large size, print billboards are easy to spot, and a great way to catch the eye of consumers walking or driving through Phoenix’s metropolitan area. For a standard four week print billboard campaign in Phoenix, you can expect to spend around $150 to $1,600. The cost of billboards in Phoenix can vary depending on location and size, which are both important factors to consider when planning your billboard advertising budget. Additional costs to keep in mind are fees for extending your billboard contract, billboard upkeep if the billboard is damaged by sun exposure or weather, as well as billboard installation costs. 

Digital Billboards

Digital billboards have risen to prominence in recent years as a tech-savvy way to advertise. Instead of paper or vinyl images, digital billboards in Phoenix utilize large, illuminated screens to display digitized pictures and videos. With the option to utilize moving images, digital billboards give you more freedom as a business owner in terms of the type of content you’d like to utilize to market your brand. Additionally, digital billboards are likely to stand out more at night as a result of their bright screens, which can help you to market your business to those partaking in Phoenix’s nightlife scene. For a standard four week digital campaign, you can expect to spend around $1,000 to $3,200. Digital billboards tend to cost more due to their advanced technological features. 

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Regardless of which type of billboard you choose to go with, both print and digital billboards are an ideal way to market your business to customers in Phoenix. 

Where to Look for Billboards in Phoenix  

Phoenix is home to a variety of attractions that are great places to search for billboard real estate next to. 

Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the United States and currently cares for over 3,000 animals. With a vast array of exciting animal exhibits, local residents and tourists alike flock to the Phoenix Zoo throughout the year. Given its family friendly appeal, it’s a great idea to find billboards to rent near the Phoenix Zoo to market your business to a wide age demographic. 

Footprint Center

The Footprint Center is a large multipurpose arena in downtown Phoenix that’s currently home to the Phoenix Suns basketball team. With a seating capacity of approximately 17,000, it’s a great idea to invest in billboard real estate near the Footprint Center, as you’re bound to capture the attention of thousands of sports fans headed to and from the arena on any given gameday. 

Downtown Phoenix

The Downtown Phoenix area is a cultural hub of great food and entertainment where a great part of the city’s nightlife takes place. If you’re looking to market to a young, hip crowd, you’ll want to advertise your business on billboards in and around Downtown Phoenix. 

In Conclusion

Phoenix is an amazing city to advertise your business in and spread your brand recognition within the Southwest. A cultural hub with a number of popular attractions and landmarks, there are plenty of places in Phoenix with print and digital billboards that will capture the eyes of local residents and tourists alike. What factors do you consider when choosing a city to advertise your business in?

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