How To Get Commercial Snow Removal Contracts

Contracts for commercial snow plows generally vary based on the property’s location, size, equipment required, amenities needed, and the number of services planned for the winter. Commercial snow plow contracts and services are often subject to unpredictable weather conditions, making it difficult to compare prices from one company to another. It is important to hire a reputable snow plow contractor who provides excellent customer service, quality service, reasonable prices, and precise business agreements.

To protect business operations and the safety of your employees and customers, it is essential to hire a professional and reliable snow plow contractor to provide the service you need. No matter which type of contract you choose, make sure the snow removal professionals for your property are qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable.

Pricing a Snow Removal Contract

A good snow and ice maintenance contract should be fair to both the contractor and the owner or manager and should include details on service levels, the scope of the work (including a detailed site map) and an explanation of the work. It is also important (to the owner) to traditionally exclude any personal liability of the owner, i.e. the contractor agrees that any claims he may have will be limited to the owner’s interest in the property and that no one managing or having any involvement with the owner will undertake the obligations of the owner under the contract. This is not an exhaustive list of issues in a snow removal contract with a supplier, as some commercial properties may require special terms. It must also include detailed pricing for the included service charges and service charges identified as “additional” to the agreement.

Services Provided

This is great if you want to pay for services as needed but want to be sure that the cost will depend on the degree of snowfall. With an inch contract, you pay a certain price based on the snow accumulation on your property. Also known as an event contract, a contract per inch allows for a clear price definition based on the level of snow accumulation, such as 1 to 3 inches or 3 to 5 inches.

A snow event contract is comparable to a push contract, except that you will only be charged once for each snow event. The price of each push to the trading account is usually determined by the number of inches of snow tossed. 

Also, if you live in an area with little snow, you can get away with time contracts and pay per push. With this option, you may end up paying more for months with more snow and less for other months. For those who live in an area with heavy snow, the contract price may be higher. With these snow removal contracts, customers only pay contractors if it snows, but because the cost is per inch of snow, you’ll pay more in the event of a big storm.  


 The contract should include snow clearing instructions that specifically tell the contractor what materials and equipment to use when salting and plowing, where and under what circumstances to accumulate snow (which will vary depending on the depth of accumulation), and in what areas. You need to keep away from the snowdrifts.

A reputable and qualified snow removal company will provide commercial snow plow contracts with 24/7 emergency response services. Please note that if you only want to offer a snow plow service, you can still use most of this information to help you build a snow plow contract. Commercial and private snow removal contracts may offer the same services, but there are big differences in how you should set up payments and the necessary tools.

How Long Should You Set Your Contract?

Also, due to the inherent uncertainty about the length and timing of a storm, many snow and ice removal service providers choose not to offer this type of contract. In addition, these contracts are usually for several years, rather than one-offs, to balance harsher and lighter winters.  Like seasonal contracts, these contracts are also typically multi-year contracts but have additional options to deal with winter weather and potential commercial real estate hazards.

    Typically, these contracts are for two to three years with a fixed monthly fee for the snow removal company, ideal for budget-conscious business owners. Seasonal contracts include a monthly fixed price for snow removal services, and the contracts run for five winter months. A seasonal contract is ideal for clients on a budget who know that your team will be on-site to clear the snow as soon as the snow reaches an agreed upon amount. The seasonal contract is the easier to budget for of the two snow removal options, as snow removal costs won’t vary much from month to month during the snow season.   

Sometimes, commercial snow removal prices are charged as a flat rate each time the property is visited (otherwise, the contractor and its client decide what counts as a visit). Unlike the other contracts above, this type of deal is the only one where you know exactly how much your service will cost, no matter the weather. Since there is no shortage of business for a good snow removal contractor, it is best to sign a contract in the summer or early fall before the contractor concludes that they have a complete business manual.

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