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How To Find The Best Accommodation Near Your Uni?


Right now, you are at a state where you have decided which University you want to pursue your higher education. The next part of your study abroad journey is finding suitable student accommodation. Now, you are at a point where you have decided on a university, acquired a student loan, and submitted your application for various scholarships. Now you have to look for accommodation. The following are essential factors when selecting a student housing that is perfect for your needs and is close to the University.

Start your search as soon as possible.

Along with you, thousands of other individuals are also looking for student housing. The competition can heat up quickly when finding housing in major university cities. Thus, start the accommodation search soon. Otherwise, the ideal places will be gone in a heartbeat. If you seek the help of experts, they will also advise you to start the search early. When checking student housing, discuss with experienced and certified student housing professionals.

The crucial factor to look for is location.

The location of your off campus accommodation will be an essential consideration during the process of selection. Thus, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Can I walk to the University?
  • Is it possible to be close to local businesses, university amenities, and nightlife?
  • Is it easy to avail public transportation from here?

It is tempting to opt for the inexpensive option. But, it may not be in a convenient location. It becomes costly when adding transportation costs to the whole deal.

Focus on safety

According to students who have previously gone abroad to study, safety is crucial in the student experience. Whether you want to live in a fantastic penthouse with all conveniences or go for a modest student residence, you will have trouble sleeping at night if you do not feel safe in the area. Thus, it must be on your to-do list to inquire about the security in place and whether there will be staff available on hand to help you feel comfortable during your stay. Insist on having fire alarms, burglar alarms, a key fob access system, and a security person on call 24/7.


If you think that the days of old, stuffy lodgings are over, you are mistaken. Such properties are still available. There are many high-quality student accommodation available at very reasonable prices. Furthermore, they offer various services to the students like laundry services, room cleaning, on-site maintenance, etc. Thus, you must add to your to-do list to inspect the property, whether via a virtual tour on the Internet or in person.

Stay in touch with the others.

One cannot overstate the role of the Internet. Many colleges have been forced to transition to online schooling during the pandemic. Furthermore, most students find it better to study in their own homes or accommodations. Thus, the off campus accommodation you choose must be equipped with a good Internet connection.

Communal facilities

Most international students believe that communal facilities are crucial in their overall student experience. You will find many student housing options that have communal facilities. The communal facilities will include a common room, community area, gym, karaoke room, and many other amenities. Having these rooms is an excellent way of meeting new people. After a long day at the University, you can use these amenities to unwind and relax.


You may see an advertisement for student accommodation in London available for £500 monthly. You may feel that this is a fantastic deal. But, if you have to add shared water, heating, literacy, broadband, gas, and phone usage, you will pay much more than £500. Thus, ensure that the accommodation has all-inclusive utility costs. This way, you will pay one fee every month that will include all the utilities you are availing of. 


Almost regularly, we hear about students who got into the trap of signing non-legally enforceable rental agreements that provide them with no protection if something goes wrong. Thus, keep an eye out for such landlords who press you into signing contracts. Get a very close look at all the words written in the contract. If you are uncomfortable with any phrase, you should trust your instincts. Get the document checked by a professional before signing. 

Suppose you are looking for the best housing option close to the University. In that case, you must consider all the guidelines mentioned above. The good news is that there are many online property advisors. These professionals help students find secure apartments located within walking distance of colleges. You can also choose rooms equipped with up-to-date services. Ensure that amenities like gyms, Wi-Fi, all-inclusive utility bills, etc. are included in your bill. Start your student accommodation search now to not miss out on the good deals.

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