How to Find Solar Customers: SMS Marketing

One of the reliable sources of power alternatives is solar. It is gaining popularity over the recent years as many people worldwide are using solar for various reasons. The demand for solar as an alternative for power has led to the development of numerous companies that produce solar-based products. The market for these valuable products is competitive.

Firms have to scramble for the few customers available in the market. For any business organization to succeed it has to have enough clientele that buys its commodities. There are numerous ways solar companies can find customers for their products.

These are profit-making organizations that need a significant amount of capital in profits. Here are excellent ways to find solar customers. You can also be checking out Solargraf advice for more insights.

SMS Marketing.

Short Messages Services (SMS) is one efficient and effective way that companies can use to find customers for solar products. The platform has massive traffic of users worldwide. Millions of people use SMS daily to communicate. I am confident that you are reading this article and have sent or received a text message.

Research has established that over 98% of texts received by users are opened. This makes it an effective medium for reaching potential clients. Companies that use SMS marketing are guaranteed that their messages will be conveyed.

The drafted statement can fuel customers to make a purchase. This platform has a comparative advantage over many mediums of communication. For instance, only 20% of people open the emails they receive daily, making the open rate for text messages superior.

The first step in finding solar customers through SMS marketing is collecting data. Companies should outsource phone numbers. The firms should be technical in collecting phone numbers. A firm should determine the right people to send text messages about their products. For instance, gathering phone numbers for youngsters cannot be fruitful as most of them do not have the financial capacity to make a purchase.

The collected phone numbers are a significant determinant in the success of finding clients. For example, if a firm gathers 100 phone numbers of people who do not have electricity or individuals living in areas with electricity problems, they might find potential clients.

On the other hand, collecting 100 phone numbers of people who live in a room with a constant electricity supply or who have generators can hardly lead to a purchase. Therefore, it is crucial to outsourcing the right contacts that can lead to a purchase.

One practical and efficient way to attract colossal traffic in SMS marketing is using a keyword text-in promotion. This motivates clients to get information about products by sending text messages. For instance, text “SOLARPRODUCTS” to 7878 to get the best offers on solar products in town with huge discounts.

In this example, the word “SOLARPRODUCTS” is the keyword used by clients interested in solar-based commodities. The code dubbed 7878 is the company’s contact. Once a client texts the keyword to the contact number 7878, they get to know more about the commodities. This can lead to a purchase. This can be promoted on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to mention a few. Social media has millions of users.

Promoting it on social media can be great to increase the customer base for your solar products. You can reach more people through an email list. The message should be conveyed to many potential customers to find people who can buy the commodities. A well-explained SMS advert on a billboard can attract massive buyer’s traffic.

Text-in promotions come with a bag full of benefits. One of the benefits that cannot go unmentioned is that the company gets the contacts of a potential clientele. When someone opts into the text-in promotions, the firm gets their contact.

This can be used in communicating with the customers in the future or when the company launches new solar-based products. The clients are opting-in for any information conveyed by the firm. This can increase the number of buyers of your solar-based items.


However, you have to seek permission from the relevant authorities to be authorized to send any text message to the collected phone numbers. You can keep in touch with the clientele when the promotion comes to an end. For instance, some firms communicate to the customers to opt-out when the promotion is over.

Once you have collected a significant number of potential clients through keyword promotion, the company should follow up with the clients. This is communicating with the customers.

Updating them on the offers available, market affiliate programs, products offered, and discounts on certain solar products, to label a few. The companies can take advantage of constant communications with buyers via text messages to give them a call. The clients will not hesitate to pick up as they are familiar with the number giving them a call.

The firms can lure the customers into calls which is an excellent way of creating awareness of products that will lead to a sale. The selling organization can draft a text message like;

“Thanks a bunch for following up on A’s Solar’s discounts offer. Check in if you are free for conversations to learn more about our products. What is the ideal time to give you a call? You do not want to miss this…Regards, Michael A-Solar”

The clients will not think twice about picking up the way you express yourself and explain the need for the phone call. You can tell them more about your solar-based products. This is a great way to find customers for your products.

If they fail to respond to the ideal time to give them a phone call, you can send the same message but insinuate urgency this time. You can follow up after 1 or 2 days. A company can draft a simple text message like:

“Hello, our esteemed client! Simply circling back to your investigation into A Solar’s half discount fall offer, closing on Oct 31st. Could it be said that you are free this week for a speedy call? Regards, Michael A-Solar”

If you don’t get a response, they might be looking for decisions and not ready to zero in on a prompt call. You can move them to a general leads contact bundle and follow up reliably with another progression for the present circumstance. Click here to read more.

Bottom Line.

At this point, you fully understand the benefits of using SMS marketing to find customers for your solar products. When many send and receive text messages making an ideal way of finding clients for your solar-based products.



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