How to Drain a Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner is the best choice to cool your home and offices. The best thing about the portable air conditioner is that you can mount them on a wall or window and move them to a different location in your room.

But if you want that your air conditioner works for a long time then you also have to do maintenance. Clean your Air conditioner after a few months so that it provides fresh and clean air. If you will not drain the water outside the water tank then it will give you weird smells that can’t be tolerated.

Using a portable air conditioner for your home is a good choice but you should also know how to drain it. Every portable air conditioner has a water tank to hold the drainage.

If you don’t know how to clean the air conditioner then you should call a professional to clean it. Below are a few easy ways you can consider draining your portable air conditioner.

Steps to drain the water

There are plenty of ways through which you can drain or empty your portable air conditioner. But there are a few points before you drain water from the portable air conditioner. You should unplug all power sources before you drain the water.

Another point to remember is to always place the portable air conditioner in a place where the air can escape into the container. Always position the pipe in your sink because the water will flow downhill.

Drain the water in the tray:

One of the easiest and most simple ways to drain the water from the portable Air conditioner is to drain it in the tray. Bring the tray close to the rear of your Air conditioner usually at the location where the water tank is located. After that pull the drain cord and put the tray beneath the shaft.

After that, the water will come out slowly from the water tank. After the water is completely drained out replace the drain cord and reconnect the Air conditioner with the electricity. After you have successfully drained the water, you can clean the spilled water on the floor by using some cloth or any available napkin.

Use a Hose:

Many Air conditioners come with a hose to drain water. Before you purchase the air conditioner read the manual and then purchase it. You can attach the hose with an air conditioner it will make water easier to pump out. To avoid possible leaks, you should carefully connect the hose with the drain pipe.

For this purpose, you can also buy a connector to connect the hose carefully with your air conditioner type. The hose is useful to drain water whenever an air conditioner is placed in an area with a floor drain. You can buy a suitable hose from the hardware store for a proper and secure fit. Most of the hose comes with a size of 4 to 5 feet. The size of the hose is not more important but the diameter is very important. Different type of air conditioners has a different diameter of hose pipe.

Use Condensate pump:

Another method to empty your air conditioner is to use a diffusion or condensate pump. There is no need to adjust the pump just like the hose the pump will automatically switch its position to suck water from the air conditioner. Usually, the diffusion pump comes with two hose one is connected with the unit and the second hose is used to expel water from the unit. A condensate pump is one of the best options to use since the draining starts automatically when the system detects the amount of water.

Frequently asked questions:

Why do we need to drain water from the air conditioner?

Not every air conditioner needs to drain water this depends on the type of conditioner you have. When the atmosphere is moist the air conditioner gathers unwanted moisture.

The unwanted moisture will gather up in the water tank that needs to be expelled from the unit. When the tank is full it automatically switches to ON to prevent any leakage. Your unit will give you an error code or signal to drain water from the unit.

How many times do we need to drain water from the unit?

The portable air conditioner drains the water on there on so you don’t need to drain water very often. But if the climate is hot then clean the water tank after a few months so that the air conditioner provides fresh air.

Because when the temperature outside is hot the air conditioner works harder to provide you with good performance which means you will need to drain water from the tank more often.

Which air conditioners should we purchase?

Purchasing the best air conditioner is quite a challenging task. Portable air conditioners are best because they provide good performance and can move from one room to another easily.


Many people think that portable air conditioners do not need draining because they have a proper system that can expel water out of the unit but this is not true.

No matter how efficient your air conditioner work still it can collect water inside the tank. So, you need to do proper management to keep your portable air conditioner working more efficiently. You can easily drain water by using any method mentioned above.


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