How to Choose the Right Smartphone for Traveling

Being in touch everywhere and having a smartphone at hand that can come to the rescue in many situations, (to look at the road, translate a phrase into the desired language, call a taxi, take a photo or shoot a video), has become so natural that few people raise doubts or questions. However, only experienced campers and travellers can tell how important the right smartphone with excellent travel features is. After all, not every device can “withstand” intense, even extreme operating conditions. Let’s consider in more detail what should a traveller’s smartphone be?

Criteria for choosing a reliable smartphone

If you plan to go on vacation to a five-star hotel and spend almost all the time beside the pool or on the beach, then you can not “bother” about choosing a smartphone. Although we note that the risk of falling into water or splashing on the phone, falling from a height is still possible. If you are a supporter of outdoor activities (hiking, mountain climbing, water recreation, beach activities, safaris, and excursions), then in natural conditions such phone parameters as processor power or a stylish case are far from being of paramount importance. Much more vital are the other characteristics of the smartphone, which are discussed below.

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The gadget should have an airtight case. This will guarantee its performance even if you get caught in the rain (for example, a tropical downpour in an exotic country), miss the phone in the sea, or swimming pool, or fall into the river while rafting, or wading.

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If the smartphone is protected according to the IP67 standard, then it can be underwater, but at a depth of no more than a meter and no longer than 30 minutes. The water must be fresh. The IP68 standard does not set a specific scope for possible protection, so it all depends on the manufacturer and his recommendations. They usually come down to IP67 ratings, although IP68 models can withstand more.


Autonomy is one of the defining characteristics when choosing a smartphone. If the battery will drain quickly, then no point in a top-end processor running modern games, or the best modern camera. The smartphone should have a capacious battery that ensures uninterrupted operation for a long time to allow you to use your phone and take great travel pictures. Here it is also worth it because the included mobile Internet or several other options, ultra-operating conditions, for example, extreme cold, lead to an increase in the load on the battery of the device. Try to ensure that you do not always have to look for a charger. It becomes some kind of conditioned reflex and an eternal cause for frustration.

Impact resistance and high strength

Not a single gadget is insured against falling and impact, regardless of the place of its use. Even at home, this can happen. And during hiking and trips, such moments happen more often. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the strength parameters. Relevant for both the smartphone case and the screen. Logically the question arises whether there are smartphones that satisfy all the above parameters at the same time? Yes, and the buyers still may choose! Moreover, you can save your cash by choosing the sim-only deals option on your trip. Such a deal offers a minutes’ package, text messages, and mobile data for a weekly/monthly fee, much the same as a regular mobile phone contract. The contrast is that you don’t get a new smartphone included in your contract but only get a SIM card.

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Final word

Modern technologies are gradually changing the familiar world, even travelling now has to be fashionable. A normal traveller will go nowhere at all if he does not have a smartphone at hand. And that’s okay. Different brands offer models of durable and reliable smartphones for travellers. When choosing a device, pay attention not only to the size and price but also to the main functions. And characteristics that will allow you to stay in touch and save data on your smartphone in any conditions. And please, do not forget that a smartphone can eat up attention while travelling – instead of enjoying the beauty of the place, the tourist is often busy reading a friend’s feed.

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