How to build an app promotion strategy: from preparation to post release

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Business app development can bring great benefits and profits. It is an effective way to promote your business and increase audience loyalty. But how do you communicate to potential customers that your app is really worth downloading? A properly selected development strategy can help you. Let’s consider the most effective ones.

Today, the app market is oversaturated with apps, and only those that can bring real value to consumers win. The advantage can be both more personalization of content and the ability to use functions for which competitors offer to use additional applications.

Application promotion stages

An important stage that precedes all work is the connection of the business analyst. The presence of this person is mandatory for the team, since it is he who is responsible for the analysis of risks and competitors.

It is important to understand that promoting an app is not only about working with an already existing ideal app. It all starts with a business analysis of a niche and competitors. This is a key requirement for any development process to better understand the market and how you can surprise a potential client.

There are three main stages of app promotion:

  • Pre-Launch promo
  • Launch Time promo
  • Post-Launch promo.

Each of them has a specific list of what needs to be done in order for as many people as possible to hear about the application. Let’s take a look at the main methods of promoting apps and increasing audience engagement.

Pre-Launch promo methods


The foundation for your app should be laid in advance. Let’s consider the main methods of pre-launching an application.

E-mails still work!

E-mail marketing is still present in most strategies. This tool will come in handy not only for announcing the release of your product, but also for sending news and updates to your users. To further expand your user base, you can also add a CTA to subscribe to your mailing lists. Just do not forget that you will need to draw up a user agreement with a clear description of how and for what you will use this information.

Use referral campaigns

On the one hand, referral links can and love to be neglected. On the other hand, if your app is really good, the recommendations will be sincere and you will get a loyal audience. Another way to use this tool is through a shared subscription for multiple accounts.

Early access to the app for a specific group of people.

We are talking about exclusive access, for example, for influencers. They can also be experts in a certain field, because if it is successful, they will be able to give the best advertisement for your product.

Take care of the demo video

The video must be informative and of high quality. Try to move away from templates, but demonstrate all of its individual benefits and user value. Apply real screenshots and walk through the key features of the application.

Use the press

Use your competitors’ flaws to highlight your superiority. You can do this only after a thorough analysis of the niche. Your story should touch upon broad audience concerns and get down to the details.

Invest in content marketing

In addition to traffic, you will get recognition and support. Update your content, communicate useful and relevant information to your audience. Show yourself as an expert in your field and become the best friend of your audience.

Analytics tools

Another non-obvious requirement is to check for the presence of various analytics systems in the application. For example, App Annie or Google Analytics. You can also consider any other integrations that will help you collect visitor statistics and use them to improve and tweak your application.

These recommendations are relevant not only for a full-fledged application, but also for the MVP version of the application.

Tools for the promotion of an already released application

So, your app is released, now you should proceed to the next stage.

Try to come up with a viral campaign

It could be a planned challenge or a viral video. The more your presence, the better.

Encourage your audience

These can be both long-term promotional offers and contests and / or sweepstakes timed to specific events. Anyone loves pleasant surprises and rewards, so give them the opportunity to get what they want.

Keep in touch with users

Ask for feedback wherever your app appears. But do it not for show, but to listen to it. If users don’t like something or they offer an interesting idea – implement it. Social networks are also great for this.

Post-Launch support

After the app has been released and has existed for a while, it is time for the next stage.

Encourage your best customers to share

These can be bonuses for posts on social networks or any other manifestations with positive reviews. Remember the statistics that 84% of consumers trust online reviews.

Deep Link to Your Content

The more there are, the more interactions with your application. Use your blog or guest posts to point out specific problems your product can solve.

Participate in contests and mobile app reviews

Users pay attention to reviews and app awards in the stores. The reward badge in the store will be great proof that you can be trusted. You can also submit your review app on specialized platforms.

Final Words

Whichever app you use, it is important to carefully study the market and offer a product that will solve the problems of your audience. App promotion is an ongoing job built on trusting relationships, and only you can build them.

We at TopDevs understand the importance of working on an application not only in terms of development, but also in the direction of the customer in its promotion. Thanks to the accumulated expertise, we can predict the results of our work, and immediately warn the client about it, at all stages.

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