How to Become a Driving Tutor

A driving instructor trains students how to become safe drivers and follow the traffic laws that have been put in place to ensure that the roads are safe. A driving tutor creates a functional lesson plan that can be used for classroom instruction, providing the learners with practical instructions and giving the students feedback on how they can improve on their driving performance.

To help learners pass their examinations, you will need to have strong communication skills which are especially required to help the first-time learners understand the basic driving concepts as well as methods. Other than helping learners who want to be first-time drivers, a driving tutor also helps veteran drivers who want to drive other kinds of vehicles which include commercial vehicles.

The steps that you should follow to become a driving instructor

 Anyone who is interested in becoming a driving instructor should have a high school diploma. Alternatively, an equivalent certificate is also acceptable together with formal training. However, there might be some variation in training requirements depending on your state of residence, so it’s important that you consult before you make a decision regarding being a driving tutor.

Typically, requirements would normally be many years of continuous driving, having a clean or accident-free driving record, and passing criminal checks. Also, you will need to have an instructor’s professional license to start working as a certified driving tutor. Also, additional training for every other type of vehicle that you will be using for your training will be necessary. Take, for example, if you are teaching commercial truck drivers, you will require a commercial driver’s license and some years of experience in driving big trucks.

A tutor who is properly qualified and who possesses good communication skills is able to teach learners about safety habits when in a driver’s seat, the state’s traffic laws, and some defensive driving techniques. Because there are also some classroom lessons, it’s advisable to practice public speaking and become more confident while giving your presentations.

Why being a driving instructor is interesting

If you have a passion for vehicles and are interested in making others learn how to be safe drivers, then being a driving tutor is the best job for you. You will be doing a fantastic job, helping the next generation of drivers to hone their skills and be safe drivers on the roads.

Moreover, working as a driving instructor allows you to enjoy convenient working hours such as evenings and weekends. This is mostly the case if you are providing lessons for high school students who want to pass their driver’s test.

Driving instructor’s pay

In most instances, driving instructors are paid on a per-hour basis. The pay that you will receive depends on how many hours you spend with the learners on the road, and also when providing classroom instructions. Depending on your employer, you may receive your paycheck weekly or bi-weekly, or monthly for others.


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