How Predictive Index Assessment Works?

Predictive Index Assessment tests are not meant to be passed or failed. They do not operate that way. Predictive Index Assessment tests measure the cognitive and behavioral ability of the candidates and filter them out based on their performance for a particular job.

These assessment tests are meant to check if the candidate is able for a particular job. Can this candidate perform his best in the environment that the job in the discussion requires? The answer to this question is determined by measuring the scores of the candidate with the norm group and the candidates are scaled according to their test results.

Here is a brief overview of how predictive index assessment test results are contextualized by Predictive Success, and how they help firms hire the best eligible candidates.

Comparison Of Test Scores

First of all, the score of candidates’ cognitive and behavioral PI assessments are collected to formulate an average score. The average score of the candidates is then compared with the norm group.

The PI assessment is not a normative test, it does not compare the results of each candidate with each other. Rather the test measures the scores on the criteria for the job they had applied for. The regional and global analysis of these test scores helps a firm understand which candidate will be well-suited for the job and how well others are performing when kept in such conditions.

The cognitive assessment (CA) and the behavioral assessment (BA) of each candidate are individually compared with the norm groups to draw a profile of each candidate’s assessment results.

Scaled Scores

A scaled score is the percentile of the CA score. The results of the CA are scaled so that a standardized scale can be set for the future. Whenever a company is hiring someone for a particular job, for example for a web developer, he should have a CA score of, let’s say, 270.

The scaling of scores makes it easier for the firms to decide the most eligible candidate in the lot. Whenever the testing conditions, questions, and measuring scales are kept the same, the results of the candidates can be comparable with the scaled score.

PI Assessment Cutoff Scores

The PI assessment cutoff means discarding an applicant by assuming that s/he is not eligible for the job. This is not recommended way of hiring employees. Instead, the CA and BA results of each candidate are compared with the criteria of the job. The comparison is not done between the candidates with each other, because the behavior and cognition of an individual can not be scaled on right and wrong.

The scaling of BA and CA is done by comparing them with the criterion set for the job. If a candidate meets the standardized requirements, he is eligible. If he does not meet the requirements needed to effectively perform the job, he may be rejected.

PI Reference Profiles

Every predictive analytics company has set a reference profile to make it easier for the firms to compare and contrast different behaviors and cognition in the specific work environment. This comparison allows firms to choose the best-suited candidate for the job.



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