How Important Are Backlinks For SEO? 

Backlinks are an essential part of SEO efforts. It’s not uncommon to compare Google to a popularity contest with tens of thousands of sites fighting for the top-ranking, depending on dozens of factors. As part of the noise of competition, backlinks show the value of sites to Google, as they are a vote of confidence from one website to another. Even Google’s original PageRank algorithm still heavily relies on it.  

Creating and maintaining backlinks is essential for search engine optimization (SEO). It involves linking your website to other websites. Having relevant people endorse your website makes a positive reputation for your business. But how is this so? Therefore, this article will explore how backlinks are so crucial for SEO. Let’s begin.  

Promotes Brand Awareness 

By linking to you, websites show they believe their readers will benefit from what you offer. By getting quality backlinks, you also gain readers’ trust who read up on reliable websites and refer their readers to your site, thus increasing visitors. You can also learn how to create YouTube backlinks to promote your brand. You can do this by putting links on your video descriptions, which will help you acquire more traffic and referral links, thus boosting your brand.  

Using a ‘Related Content’ widget at the bottom of your blog, you can also direct them to other related content after landing on your site. You can use this to encourage visitors to read more of your site’s content and stay longer on your site, which Google considers when ranking your site.  

Establishes an Authority 

There’s one thing you’ll notice on any Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP): 

Search engines, like Google, prefer authority sites. 

The presence of more links to your website can position you as an expert on a particular topic, service, or subject. A website’s backlinks are one factor that Google uses to determine its relevance. Google will learn a great deal more about your business if you earn more backlinks. 

A site with several links from trustworthy sites has authority in this case. According to Backlinko’s analysis of 11.8 million Google SERPS, improved search engine rankings strongly relate to a site’s overall link authority as determined by Ahrefs Domain Rating. also examined ranking factors for the personal injury section of the assessment engine and found similar results. They noted that while the overall number of referring domains is the best indicator of overall domain traffic, the quantity of referring domains per page does not influence rankings. 

Boosts Organic Search Rankings 

Search engines will rank your site higher in the SERP once they recognize your website authority. Google prioritizes web pages about topics users are interested in, particularly those they often visit. It believes your website is credible and valuable for information regarding that topic if it has multiple quality backlinks.  

It would also be best to note that it is essential to build quality backlinks slowly. So, it’s a bad idea to use deceptive methods to gain more backlinks. While such backlinks may boost traffic, your pages will fail to rank high in search engines if not appropriately indexed. 

Create a Relationship Between Websites  

Linking to other websites or promoting them creates a connection between you and the other site. It develops greater trust when both websites know you trust one another enough to have an open relationship.  

Nonetheless, it would be best not to fall into the trap of believing that a link exchange will help you, as this will only harm you in the long run. According to Google, this is a violation of its guidelines.   

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SEO Factors to Consider when Building Backlinks 

Since we’ve determined the importance of backlinks for SEO, here are the SEO factors to consider when building backlinks:  

  • Total referring domains: Your website will perform better with links from quality domains. 
  • Total referring IPs: While the number of referring IP addresses is essential, it is not as important as the number of domains referring to your site. The number of referring IPs is less crucial for keywords that aren’t as popular. 
  • Total backlinks: Unlike total referring domains, the number of backlinks from a website is as crucial as the referring domain because a website can have several backlinks from the same domain. 
  • Total follow backlinks: It would help if you had a lot of total follow links on your site to improve your ranking. Links with the “NoFollow” attribute do not count. You can identify them by a piece of HTML code inside the link tag. For instance: <ahref=””rel=” nofollow”>Link Text</a> 
  • The total number of anchors: Anchor tags direct visitors to specific areas of your website through invisible positioning markers. Anchors make navigation into particular sections of a page smooth and fast. You will notice a hashtag follows the anchor tag below: <ahref=” #more info”>More Info</a> 
  • Presence of a keyword in the anchor: Anchor tags containing the targeted keyword are good practice but have minimal effect on domain rankings, except for highly competitive keywords. 


Backlinks are essential for SEO. They show search engines that another resource finds your content valuable within their content. It can provide your site with various benefits like promoting your brand, establishing an authority, boosting organic search rankings, and helping create relationships between websites.  



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