HiPP Comfort baby formula: How it can help your baby

A sensitive tummy is quite common in the first couple of weeks and months of your baby’s life. In most cases, this can happen because the digestive system of a baby is not fully developed. This may be manifested by colic, bloating, and constipation, and is usually related to excessive crying. As you can see, this can be overwhelming for many families. 

The good news is that HiPP Comfort; sensitive baby formula which is special nutrition, can help with lactose-induced-3-months colic, and flatulence, and is designed to match the nutritional needs of your little one. Because of its special composition, this product has a regulating and chair-loosening effect. This article discusses how HiPP Comfort baby formula can help your baby. 

HiPP Comfort baby formula

It’s common for a digestive system not to mature in the first few months, meaning that they can suffer from constipation, colic, and wind. These may have various causes, such as temporary failure to digest protein and lactose. HiPP Comfort baby formula is specially made with less lactose, fibers, hydrolyzed protein, and a special fat blend. 

Therefore, these make the HiPP Comfort baby formula easier to digest than standard infant formulas. Colic usually can have different causes, such as a problem in digesting lactose. In most cases, this can resolve itself by the time your child is between four and six months of age. If you think that your baby has constipation or colic, or has any other feeding issues, it’s a good idea to consult your healthcare professional. 

There is a good chance that the first weeks can pass and your little one sleeps most of the day. Even at night, they may wake up to be changed or drink, only to sleep again. Of course, your child can cry from time to time, but you can comfort them quickly before they fall asleep again quickly.

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However, then things can change. Suddenly, your little one may no longer be calmed. Instead, the baby can cry for most of the day and night. If this problem repeats itself every day and you think you know the exact time this happens, then it can be 3-month colic. Health professionals identify this condition in several ways. It can be 3-month colic if the infant cries for about three hrs at a time, it happens about three times a week, or the condition can last for at least three weeks.

HiPP baby formulas provide a specially formulated formula that can meet the needs of your child who has lactose-related 3-month colic, flatulence, and constipation. Because of its special composition, the HiPP Comfort baby formula has a stool-regulating and loosening effect, making it helpful for a colicky infant. It has a low lactose content, an easily digestible fat, important galactooligosaccharides, and a split protein. It also has all crucial nutrients, LCPs, and natural lactic acid cultures.

Understanding colic

Interestingly, no one knows the real causes of the 3-month colic. But it can likely be caused by adjustment problems. After all, a baby’s digestive system is yet to adjust and develop. Many babies usually suffer from this condition in their first three months of life. Colic can cause prolonged crying which can be stressful for most parents. A colicky baby usually cries for many hours and may repeat these several days a week.

If your baby is currently experiencing colic, then you may be wondering when this condition can finally end so that you may have some rest and sleep. Sometimes, the 3-month colic can often reach its peak when your baby is 6 weeks old. After this, it tends to get better when the baby is at least 12 or 13 weeks old as their digestive system slowly gets settled in. 

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It can be like a vicious circle. This is because a baby can cry due to a stomach ache. It can also be painful when air gets into the baby’s stomach while crying, which in turn causes flatulence and leads to the little one getting another stomach ache.

Sadly, your baby is in pain and you think you cannot assist them. This is a worse feeling for any parent, but this is the time you need to help your little one. Especially children who usually need more care because they cry a lot. These babies can be sensitive and may be overwhelmed by their environment. Besides feeding your baby with HiPP Comfort baby formula, there are also other ways you can help your infant. 

First of all, it’s highly advisable to consult your pediatrician before you can assume that you have a colicky infant. This is because not every child who cries a lot has a stomach ache or is flatulent. In most cases, health issues, such as allergies or any other illness can affect your baby. 

There is a chance that overstimulation can cause your infant to feel unwell. Therefore, you should try to make daily life with your little one as calm and quiet as possible. Remember that too much excitement may cause increased crying and restlessness in a baby, which in turn may cause air to get into their stomach, flatulence, and other stomach aches. 

And, when feeding your child, you should ensure that they drink slowly and should not swallow hastily. Otherwise, lots of air can end up in the digestive system of your baby and cause colic. You also need to use some special breastfeeding positions or even anti-colic bottles. You can ask a lactation consultant or midwife if you don’t know the best position for your baby while breastfeeding.

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After each meal, you should also ensure that you give your little one enough time to burp. This helps to release air that can otherwise cause flatulence. It’s worth noting that there are various ways to burp your child, so make sure you use the right one. If you have tried all these techniques and nothing seems to work, then consider feeding your baby the HiPP Comfort baby formula.


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