Here’s Why You Should Get Your West Virginia Contractor License

In West Virginia, you cannot perform work on any residential projects over $5,000 or any commercial projects over $25,000 if you don’t have a West Virginia contractor license. This limitation makes getting a license even more alluring. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of licensing in West Virginia.

How to Get Licensed

Construction contractors need to take the NASCLA exam to take on large-scale projects. You can take this exam three times when applying for your license.

West Virginia is a two-license state, so you need to pass the Business Law exam in addition to your contractor’s exam. This secondary exam ensures that as a self-employed business owner you can navigate your basic legal needs.

Expanded Opportunities

State-level restrictions, prohibit nonlicensed contractors from engaging in major projects. By getting your contractor license you open yourself up to take on high-paying projects that will let you grow your business and expand your team.

Boost Your Earning Potential 

General contractors make an average of $91,370 a year. Making it a much more profitable business endeavor than working for a company.

Contractors can be their own bosses. This gives them the opportunity to set hourly rates and more control over their income. As a qualified contractor, you can increase your rates over time and boost your earning potential.

As a contractor, you have the freedom to be selective about what projects you take on. You can cut out waste and build a network of prospective clients by building rapport with clients and project leads.

Improve Credibility 

Getting a contractor’s license will help improve your credibility in the workplace. Not only is the license necessary to take on big tasks, but it also shows your dedication to the field. Contractors’ licenses give you the necessary credibility to land high-paying contracts.

Getting your license will help you network across in the industry and scout out potential projects. Click for a contractors license.

Workplace Flexibility

Self-employment can be very liberating. Not only will you be able to make the rules, but you will also be able to build your career without bureaucratic oversight from a corporation.

There is a certain level of self-discipline that comes with being a contractor. When you are your own boss, you take greater pride in your work but must put your clients ahead of yourself. This lets you continue taking on projects at a steady pace without sacrificing your entire self.

As a contractor, you can manage your own schedule. When you become your own boss, you get the ultimate autonomy of your day-to-day life. This can help you better manage your work-life balance.

Get Your West Virginia Contractor License 

There are countless opportunities for contractors to find work and secure contracts. If you want a well paid flexible career path, you should consider getting your West Virginia Contractor License.

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