Hear AirPods, iMac as instruments in Start Up, a song made from Apple sounds

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From iPods to Bono to GarageBand, Apple has long entwined itself with the music world. The company kicked off its Mac-focused Unleashed event on Monday with a creative homage to all the familiar sounds from its products. 

The short video features an electronic musician in a garage working with an array of Apple gear. He records the startup chime from an old-school blue iMac, the MagSafe charger plug-in click for a MacBook and the snaps from closing an AirPods case, and melds them into a catchy symphony of sounds. 

The video led into Apple CEO Tim Cook standing in a field, talking up music and Macs for an event that unveiled new computers, AirPod wireless earbuds and software upgrades.

A lot of Apple fans seemed to agree the song was a banger thanks to the catchy music and the shout-outs to Apple products from across the years. “Apple nerds have tears in their eyes right now, with the opening scene in the garage,” an Apple aficionado tweeted.

“If there ever was a song I’d want Apple to add to my library automatically, it’s this event’s opening tune,” tweeted iOS engineer Donny Wals, squeezing in a reference to Apple’s infamous incident in 2014 when it pushed a new U2 album on unsuspecting iTunes users worldwide.

The Apple-sounds song has the advantage of being short and sweet, a blend of nostalgia and new tech, all wrapped up in a danceable tune.

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