’Guardians of the Galaxy’ review: A better movie than the movies.

This tedium and softness of the combat never goes away. It might have been alleviated if the game’s design allowed Quill’s elemental guns to be fully formed at the beginning of the game, rather than unlocking it through the story’s linear path. It may seem banal to have Quill’s guns have the four elements of fire, wind, ice and lightning, but it’s true to his comic book roots, and the combat and environmental puzzles could’ve been made more interesting throughout the game. The elemental powers themselves are not exactly revolutionary gameplay features (freeze a thing to proceed, burn a thing to proceed, charge a thing to proceed, wind a thing to proceed), so it makes little sense why they were locked away like unique powers. Once again, the narrative provides a rationale, but from a design perspective, it was a regrettable decision.

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