Get these Lego advent calendars before they’re sold out


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There’s a special kind of excitement in days building up to Christmas. The curiosity of what is waiting under the tree can almost be too much. So it’s no wonder why holiday advent calendars are such are such a huge hit; every day is a chance to open a tiny gift until the big day finally arrives.

While there are calendars that contain goodies ranging from whiskies to candles, some of the most popular ones we’ve seen come with a different kind of treat; tiny individual Lego kits. With sets ranging from Marvel’s The Avengers to Star Wars to Harry Potter, these calendars let you build (literally) an ensemble of your favorite characters to help you count down the holidays. With easy to follow instructions, these kits are fun for the whole family, even for first time builders. Be warned though! We have seen these sets sell out quickly in the past, so don’t hesitate to grab yours today.

Among the fun ones we’re noting — all of which are currently in stock at Amazon:

If Lego’s not your thing, we have some other options worth checking out. Though, to our point above, many of these are already sold out (or will be soon).

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