Get Sober Without Stressing Over the Rehab Center and Treatment Cost

Excess substance abuse including alcohol use is a preventable illness, but causes many deaths every year in the United States. Even though millions of Americans suffer from substance use illness, barely one in ten receives specialized treatment.

Although alcohol rehabilitation programs might be costly, they are often covered by health insurance, either partially or completely. The extent of your coverage is determined by your plan, but you may have more alternatives than you realize. However, there are some restrictions and limits on the total cover that you can receive on the rehab expenses.

You could wonder if the expenses involved in a rehab center could wipe away your savings. However, you can get rid of all your worries as rehabs that take Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance are plenty, and the staff at Find Addiction Rehabs can help you find one such center, validate your insurance, and determine the type of treatment cover that can be covered by your insurance. This is a very quick procedure and can help you in finding the right rehab in a short time.

Usual rehab covers that are included in insurance plans

Affordable care Act makes it essential for health coverage to include treatment related to alcohol abuse. However, the benefits can change from year to year, so double-check your coverage before obtaining treatment. Some of the common rehab covers provided by health insurance plans are:

  1. Detoxification and medical management of symptoms in the inpatient setting.
  2. Screening for the drug levels in your body.
  3. Services on an outpatient basis including post-rehab visits.
  4. Behavioral health treatment
  5. Co-occurring disorders treatment
  6. Maintenance medication and various forms of MAT are used to support long-term sobriety.

Other services like Peer support centers, intensive outpatient care, and follow-up counseling may or may not be included.

If you do not have any insurance cover, don’t allow that to stop you from getting help when you need it. States provide financial aid to persons without insurance to assist them with low-cost rehab treatments.

Many agencies can help you in finding such state-funded insurance. You can also Google yourself for free or low-cost therapy, as well as state-funded rehab choices, state insurance coverage, and other services to individuals in need. You can also use the following ways to reduce the financial burden of rehab treatments in case there is lack of private insurance:

  • Many treatment clinics provide financing alternatives that you can pay back in small installments once you’ve completed the treatment.
  • Some treatment centers provide scholarships to persons who are financially unable to pay the full or partial cost of treatment.
  • Some states also provide scholarships to addicts in need of financial assistance.
  • Ask for help from someone with whom you have a close relationship.

Though asking for aid can be tough, you might be surprised at how many individuals are willing to help. Solicit financial assistance from family and friends to help you get sober. It’s worth a shot.

It’s not simple to get sober, and it’s even more difficult to stay sober. Everyone’s definition of alcohol therapy is different, and the road to recovery is a long one. Don’t be discouraged if you do not have the financial means to get treatment, there are many ways to seek help.



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