Who Was Gabriel Kuhn, And Why Has He Been Killed?

The character of the drama obtained in light of social media networks was Gabriel Kuhn. In the narrative, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Patry are involved in one of the most popular murder investigations in history. 

Gabriel was killed in 2007. Due to the violence of the case and Daniel Patry’s handling of it, his death stunned countless people worldwide. This page contains all of Gabriel’s personal information related to the murder case that is currently online.

The personality of Gabriel Kuhn!

1995 saw the birth of Gabriel Kuhn in Blumenau, Santa Catarina, Brazil. He came from a well-known family. Gabriel was a respectful young man who did well in school. 

He was the exact opposite of Daniel Petry, who killed him to profit financially. When he was 12 years old, his friend Daniel Petry killed him. 

Reports advanced the theory and said that the youngster had brutally murdered him.

Gabriel’s killer, Daniel Patry, was a rebellious and hostile youngster. He reacts quite aggressively and has a history of being rough when he is furious. He also underwent a few sessions of psychiatric treatment, but he consistently dumped and did not finish the sessions. 

His parents didn’t support him and let him act violently. After being banned from school, he watched TV to pass the time before switching to an online video game.

Daniel Patry and Gabriel Kuhn met as a result of internet gaming. Although they were neighbors, they did not interact personally. 

Although Daniel was four years older than Gabriel, the two became friends thanks to Timid’s online game. 

Although Gabriel Kuhn’s parents limit Gabriel’s time with Daniel because of Daniel’s mental state, they regularly converse and play together.

History of Gabriel Kuhn’s murder!

The murder case of Gabriel Kuhn is filled with numerous violent clashes. When the two buddies began playing online, Gabriel eventually asked Daniel for some cash. 

Patry gave him money with the understanding that he would pay it back. Daniel was insulted by Gabriel’s conduct and enraged with him when he didn’t return the virtual money at the appointed time.

At 9:00 p.m. on the crime day, Gabriel Kuhn’s mother visited the residence. Gabriel did not answer the door when Daniel went to kill Gabriel Kuhn. 

Daniel reassured him that everything would be resolved if he regretted his inappropriate behavior. 

When Gabriel heard this, he assumed he was acting normally, so he opened the door for his friend. Daniel hurried in and shut the door from the inside.

After entering his home, Daniel realized his goal and brutally battered Gabriel. He first severely tortured him using various methods before robbing him of his senses. 

Gabriel tried to warn him by claiming he would reveal his family’s secrets. Daniel became enraged over this and slung a rope around Gabriel’s neck.

Gabriel Kuhn tried to protect himself from Daniel, but he was unsuccessful. He was flooded with blood after being pummelling by Patry. 

When Gabriel begged him to leave, Daniel giggled inaudibly while staring at him. In response to the assault, Gabriel shouted and yelled in terror, which only encouraged Patry to beat Gabriel even more brutally.

Gabriel’s neck was initially wrapped in a string by Daniel, who then continued to hold onto him until the youngster passed out. 

Second, he had another troublesome notion for Gabriel. He retrieved a hacksaw from his garage and began mercilessly dissecting his body.

After taking all of this on himself, Gabriel Kuhn became aware and cried out for assistance. He was in excruciating pain and covered in blood from head to toe. 

Petry didn’t stop and kept inflicting injuries on him. He attempted to hand him over at his front door, but Gabriel was so heavy that Patry could not take him up. 

Then, in a rage, he had an idea and amputated Gabriel’s left leg. By his act, Gabriel was astounded and abruptly ceased shouting. But Patry persisted in stabbing him, eventually cutting too severely through his right leg.

The detailed autopsy report on Gabriel’s body!

According to the account, Gabriel was still alive after severing both legs, but he passed away due to severe blood and discomfort a short time later. 

Daniel made an effort to conceal his corpse in the home’s gloom. He attempted to hang himself after tying his body up with cables and wires to complete this goal. 

When he could not do so, he was resolved to throw Gabriel’s body at his house’s front door.

Gabriel’s mother returned home a little while later and discovered his body at the front door. His mother was alarmed by what she saw and fled from the house into the street. 

One of her neighbors witnessed Gabriel Kuhn’s mother frantically racing about while shouting before discovering the boy’s body. 

He was shocked to discover Gabriel’s body completely covered in blood and rushed to notify the police immediately.

The entire case was discovered in Gabriel’s computer, where it was captured after the police arrived and promptly began investigating the case. 

Patry was taken into custody right away at his home. Patry acknowledged that he killed Gabriel to get his money back. 

Police claimed that Gabriel was the victim of a rape, but he disputed it and said he was not gay. Following Gabriel’s autopsy results, the tale has gained attention.

Even though Gabriel’s autopsy report was made public on social media, the autopsy image has not yet been located. However, some of the murder scene images that Gabriel took with his PC went viral online. Furthermore, how Daniel was killed is a horror tale because Daniel’s dread persisted until he strangled Gabriel.

What was the motive behind Daniel Patry’s murder of Gabriel Kuhn?

Just USD 1.75 that Daniel paid to Gabriel Kuhn was the precise motive for this crime. Lending 20,000 was done so I could use it as a virtual currency in an online game. 

This virtual currency was used to enter the game and progress through a certain level; it wasn’t real money.

Gabriel agreed to pay him back when the time came, but Daniel got upset and brutally murdered the poor man Gabriel when he didn’t. 

So, we can conclude that a single game and virtual currency were crucial factors in a young child’s death. It has recently been popular to pay real money to play games online.

Where is Daniel Patry currently located?

He ought to be living freely right now. Resources showed that despite Daniel’s guilt being admitted without remorse, he received only a three-year term for his heinous crime. 

He received this criticism only for his socio-educative actions. Before being given a prison sentence, he said, when asked about the vent, that he would carry out his vengeance in hell. 

Additionally, he had no remorse for Gabriel’s parents after he killed their son.

Daniel Patry was sixteen years old at the time of the incident and was born in Blumenau, Brazil. 

According to sources, his current age is 30 years old, although social media networks have not yet divulged his precise birthdate. 

Because of possible security concerns, the authorities have not revealed the real identity of the offender. As a result, hardly much is known about the accused on social media.

If we talk about his family, it sounds like his parents were incredibly kind and helpful. They took him for therapy to heal his mental problems, but he missed the appointments. 

However, due to several security concerns, little is known about his parents. 

Therefore, based on the available facts, we can presume that authorities have placed limits on disclosing his personal information for safety reasons.

The autopsy report and scraps of evidence involving Gabriel!

Even though Gabriel’s autopsy report was made public on social media, the autopsy image has not yet been located. 

However, some of the murder scene images that Gabriel took with his PC went viral online. 

Furthermore, how Daniel was killed is a horror tale because Daniel’s dread persisted until he strangled Gabriel.

The state of Daniel the murderer’s mind!

Such horrific and terrifying incidents always raise concerns about the psychosomatic components at play. It is even more alarming when it involves a boy only 16 years old. 

If we talk about Daniel, the person who brutally killed the 12-year-old boy, we will learn that his mental state cannot be described as normal. 

He was dealing with a variety of psychological issues. The interpretive data enables us to comprehend that to improve his mental health, he was also encouraged to go to multiple psychiatric consultations. 

However, it produces no fruit, so continue with this unfortunate situation.

If Daniel’s psychotic condition was mixed with the fact that he was also a bully, all of these elements aid in helping us fit the puzzle together and make accurate deductions about the situation.

Final Words

Gabriel Kuhn never paid back the 20,000 virtual coins, but it cost a little child named Gabriel his life at the age of twelve. 

The brutal homicide was carried out in Blumenau, Brazil, and the money used for it was intended for the online game Tibia.


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