Future proof your career with ITIL 4 DITS Certification Why learn ITIL 4?

Why learn ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 is an end-to-end operational model for developing, designing, and managing IT-enabled goods and services. The framework comprises real-world best practice concepts and guidelines and can be adopted and changed to function with other frameworks and ways of working.

ITIL is a worldwide recognized certification frequently used as a prerequisite by companies. You may distinguish yourself from your peers, increase your employability, and improve your wage prospects by earning an ITIL 4 certification.

To address the modern service economy’s difficulties and opportunities and the VUCA world, ITIL 4 was developed and extended in partnership with a global community of over 4,500 professionals, practitioners, subject matter experts, and industry experts.

ITIL 4 leader digital and IT strategy course

The ITIL 4 Leader is the Digital and IT Strategy (DITS) module that explains how strategy affects the design, delivery, and support of services across an organization’s service value chain.

This program is for IT and business directors, heads of departments, aspiring C-Suite professionals, and other senior business leaders who want to protect their organization from digital disruptors, construct a strategic digital vision, and develop a digital sound strategy for long-term growth.

This module discusses ITIL ideas to a higher level, allowing IT and digital leaders to influence and drive strategic business choices by developing a digital strategy aligned with the larger cross-organizational goals.

Candidates will learn how and when technology innovation may assist drive organizational success, as well as when it can add additional levels of complexity and danger, allowing them to balance heritage and new methods of working effectively.

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Major factors of ITIL4 DITS 

Digital and IT Strategy are two significant components that contribute to the success of the ITIL 4 leader digital & IT strategy

  • Architecture Management
  • Workforce and Talent Management
  • Continual Improvement
  • Strategy Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Financial Management
  • Measurement and Reporting Management
  • Risk Management
  • Organizational Change Management
  • Relationship Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Project Management

ITIL4 DITS is an advanced-level certification created by AXELOS.

Eligibility Criteria for ITIL 4 digital and IT strategy Examination

The ITIL 4 DITS Certification program is for: 

  • Anyone with ITIL 4 Foundation Certification or Management Professional Certificate
  • Three years of management experience is required.

Benefits of ITIL 4 leader digital and IT strategy course

  • Learn how to put a digital and IT strategy into action.
  • Demonstrate the application of ITIL Guiding Principles in decisions and actions related to digital and IT strategy.
  • Learn how to define and advocate for a Digital and IT Strategy by following the ITIL DITS processes and tactics.
  • Understand why companies need to adapt the way they do business in marketplaces impacted by digital and information technology and how this relates to the strategic principles they’ll need to understand as they do so.
  • Recognize the threats and possibilities associated with digital and IT strategy.
  • Explain how the ideas of digital and information technology strategy, service value system, and service value chain work together to produce value in markets that are being changed by digital and information technology.
  • Create a digital vision and a digital strategy that spans several organizations.
  • Develop and implement digital and IT initiatives.
  • In the face of digital disruptions, you can take action.
  • Manage risk strategically in VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) situations.
  • To compete in the new service economy, you must understand how and why tactics and working techniques adapt.
  • To attain customer relevance and operational excellence, understand the strategic approaches made feasible by digital and information technology.
  • Understand how a firm leverages Digital and IT Strategies to stay relevant in digitally disrupted surroundings.
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Who can be benefited from the ITIL4 DITS course?

  • Organizations interested in using ITIL DITS’ best practices
  • High-level corporate executives and stakeholders need a fresh digital and IT strategy perspective.
  • ITIL 4 students are pursuing the Strategic Leader branch of the ITIL 4 modules.
  • IT professionals who need to learn more about business-centric management concepts
  • ITIL 4 professionals who are pursuing the ITIL Master certification.
  • Anyone who wants to ace the ITIL 4 Digital & IT Strategy (DITS) test the first time around.

ITIL4 DITS Examination Exam details

  • Before scheduling a test, double-check that you have proof of completing any prerequisites (i.e., certificate or letter from AXELOS or former Examination Institute confirming you hold a current certification).
  • ITIL4 DITS exam is a closed book exam
  • Time Limit is 60 Minutes.
  • The ITIL 4 DITS training course contains 4 Case Study assignments marked in-class and a multiple-choice test at the conclusion. To take the exam, candidates must complete all case study assignments. Before the end of the program, the trainers will confirm this to the candidates.
  • Candidates who do not finish the Case Study assignments during class may be assigned a separate written assignment based on the same case study.
  • You are eligible to take the Exam in the English Language.  


With businesses worldwide undergoing rapid digital transformations, the requirement for IT and business strategy alignment has never been more critical. Organizations must be flexible and have suitably skilled staff and leadership to adapt to a quickly changing environment to continue offering value to customers while remaining competitive in the marketplace.

To survive in the modern service economy and the increasingly complex, volatile, ambiguous, and unpredictable (VUCA) conditions in which you operate, reskill, and upskill your teams with ITIL 4 by joining KNOWLATHON.

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