FAQs About Heavy-Duty Patio Umbrellas

A hot summer day in Australia is the best time to take a dip in the pool and stretch out on the chaise lounge. Since the average temperature can reach up to 30 °C (86 °F) during this time of the year, poolside patios and decks might be uncomfortable and irritable without a well-placed outdoor umbrella for heavy duty use. Whether you are looking for a simple umbrella for a patio dining table or a large offset umbrella to provide shade to an entire seating area, you can find them on the best online stores in Australia. Given below are answers to a few questions about patio umbrellas that are frequently asked.

What Is the Best Patio Umbrella for Homeowners?

There is no one correct answer to this. Modern architectural designs offer seamless transitioning of furniture from indoor to outdoor spaces. They allow homeowners to enjoy nature without sacrificing their comfort and style. During hot days, it is essential for them and their guests to stay protected and feel the cool breeze despite the presence of the hot sun through ample shade. An outdoor umbrella for heavy duty use is a prudent solution for such temporary situations. One can choose the best umbrella considering their preferences, budget, home environment, style, materials, size and other features.

What Are Styles of Outdoor Umbrellas Available for Sale?

The factors that significantly affect the choice of style of an outdoor umbrella are the furniture layout, space constraint, personal taste and its expected usage. Mainly, outdoor heavy duty umbrellas fall under two categories: Centre Pole and Offset.

Centre Pole Outdoor Umbrella

One of the most defining features of these patio umbrellas is the presence of an extended pole from the tip of the canopy to the secure base. They have mobile and fixed bases that allow users to stabilise them. They effectively provide protection against the sunlight and reflect or diffuse the ultraviolet radiation, protecting the ones under them. They are available in the form of market umbrellas which are octagonal with clean edges. Minimalistic beach umbrellas are round in shape with hanging valances and are best suited for homes in beach towns like Port Douglas, Sydney, Byron Bay, Gold Coast and Palm Beach. Half umbrellas with one flat side allow homeowners to place them against a wall or a balcony.

Offset Outdoor Umbrella

Outdoor offset umbrellas or cantilevers have a jointed or arched pole placed on one side. This pole provides the necessary support for the umbrella to hang freely over the various table and seat settings of different sizes. The most significant benefit of using these umbrellas is that they provide shade to a larger area without disrupting the space or the view, unlike centre pole umbrellas. It helps cover dinner tables, hot tubs, garden tea tables, view areas and more. Many offset outdoor umbrellas can rotate up to 360 degrees, making them a versatile option. Due to their larger size, they require heavier bases and are relatively more expensive.

What Accessories Go With Outdoor Umbrellas?

Along with ordering patio umbrellas, homeowners must consider investing in other accessories that come to aid while dining and relaxing during night times, other seasons, and locations where protection is essential. Installing LED lights and speakers into the ribs of the umbrella help homeowners entertain guests in the evenings. Heaters optimise comfort and space under outdoor umbrellas, especially during colder seasons, allowing homeowners to enjoy the winter winds in the open. Weather-proof covers help protect the umbrellas from the scorching heat during hot summers


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