Factors To Consider While Choose An Axe-throwing Venue

Ax-throwing bars are establishments that are growing in popularity. They pair alcohol with gentle hurling deadly ax at a target board. Chunking a hatchet in a wooden log is a lumberjack practice but is currently a new sport. It began as an indoor recreational activity in Canada, but soon spread across America.

Ax-throwing venues have become popular for group events like corporate retreats, bachelor’s/bachelorette parties, family get together, etc. It is also great for someone looking to add an indoor group hobby. Even if the ax-throwing bar permits drinking, the venue owners take steps to make sure it stays constrained like one drink in an hour or no serving of hard liquor.

There is plenty of ax-throwing venues opening; just type Axe throwing near me in the search bar and the bots will supply an array of facilities on the result page. If you want to add something new then visit Axe Master in San Antonio.

Factors to consider while choosing an ax-throwing venue


For every two throwers, there is a coach. If a single coach is training 4 to 6 people simultaneously then everyone will not attain proper attention. A coach helps to score games for a group. Coaches are skilled professionals that teach people how to throw or enhance their throwing skills or teach different throwing techniques.


You will be handling sharp and deadly objects, so safety is a crucial concern. The coaches have to be dedicated to establishing accurate safety guidelines.


The quality of the house axes has to be great with sharp blades. A sharp blade is not an indication to throw hard but it means the odds of the axe bouncing back and possibly hitting someone is less. The axe needs to have a wooden handle to soften the bounce back. for increasing the fun look for a venue offering ‘big axe’ besides hatchets.


Does the venue offer a large variety of throwing games? Does it offer solo or group games? Does the venue offer any other kind of entertainment? Besides, game varieties check if there are other entertainments available because if there is a wait, you will need some activities to keep you occupied and have fun.


What is the venue structure and does it portray safety standards.

  • The ceiling has to be a minimum of 14 ft. high because if the ax slips and goes over the target, you don’t desire it to bounce off the ceiling in a weird manner.
  • The floor should have line markings to separate the spectator and throw area. There has to be a fault line to avoid overstepping.
  • Strong barriers allow protection for everyone. Each arena needs to have 15 ft. floor-to-ceiling fences. Every lane must use periphery barriers to avoid axe ricochets. The throwing and the spectator area must have partitioned fencing.


Even if the establishment does not serve food there has to be space to enjoy pizza or cake. See if outside food is allowed and there is sufficient space.


Is the establishment suitable for group or walk-in events? Check the group size the venue can accommodate because it is crucial for a great experience.


You will need a spot to park, so ensure parking availability. After a long drive, you don’t desire to walk several blocks!



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