Encouraging Unwilling Students to Study

Unwilling students are always a matter of concern to their parents as well as tutors. If the students are having any issue while studying or any other problem, that can be solved but if the students are unwilling about studies then it is a big issue for the future of the student. Motivating such students is really hard because they don’t have an idea that education can change their present and future. Students like learning that is not necessary, there are various types of factors which affect their zeal and wish for learning and this is where students need help from their tutors and mentors. Learning is a process where forcing is never an option, here inspiration or motivation is the only way to make the student take interest in learning. Sometimes from childhood to college a student can never feel interest in studying and he or she is just forced to study, which irritates them and makes them unwilling towards learning. This unwilling state becomes so grave that even after learning a few things such students never reply to the questions asked by the tutor in the class such as if they are asked LMS full form then though they know about LMS full form still they won’t reply because they are unwilling to do anything related to studies. Though learning has changed its face and is inspiring students in the form of online education and LMS portals support online education a lot to the students. LMS portals make student’s online learning more interactive and interesting. even after so much facilities if the student is unwilling towards study, then teachers need to step in and they can encourage the unwilling students to study by following means:

  • It is very ridiculous but most of the students who are considered as good students and bad students in their academic lives tend to perform vice versa further in future. Back benchers can be seen performing good and achieving extraordinary in their lives and toppers live an ordinary life ahead. This happens because no one understands that each and every student has a unique character and they study accordingly, whereas people generalise everyone in one line and the student which does not behave or learn, according to that general perception is called a bad student which is the real cause of unwillingness in students.
  • To remove the unwillingness from students it is necessary to understand what they are willing to do and their field of interest. Asking directly won’t help much. Do teachers need to apply some good tricks like giving a task to the students to write an essay about what they like and what they don’t, their hobbies, how do they like to learn, which teacher they like the most and which they don’t? In this way teacher will get an outline about how they can plan a teaching schedule so that an unwilling child can also take interest to study.
  • Teacher needs to observe the student’s reading and writing habits and skills with a keen eye so that they can be understood by the teachers properly. Student’s learning style elucidates a lot about his or her learning habits and likes and dislikes about learning, which gives an idea to the teacher to prepare a suitable lesson plan for the students so that they can take interest in learning and their unwillingness to study transforms into interest and passion for study. As a teacher one should arrange the class and lesson delivery in such an interesting way that students of any type can take interest in it.
  • Teachers also don’t usually care that a student likes any particular subject or not and if he or she doesn’t like any particular subject then what steps the teacher can take in order to make students like the subject should be a matter of interest for the teacher. Teachers should observe which subject is liked by the student particularly and what is so much interesting in that subject which attracts the student and should try to bring that attraction in other subjects also so that students should pay interest in studying all the subjects.
  • Student life is to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes, so teachers should never condemn or insult the student for his/her mistakes instead they should make students understand that making effort is necessary instead of being afraid of making mistakes. Mistakes give you another chance to perform more efficiently than before.

Following above explained methods can bring the willingness to study among those students also who are unwilling to study.


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