Encanto, Hunter x Hunter & Bakugan Coloring Pages Popular Characters with Magic

If you are looking for some fun and engaging coloring pages, look no further than popular characters with magic. From Encanto to Hunter x Hunter to Bakugan, these characters will keep you entertained for hours on end. So grab your crayons or colored pencils and get ready for some magical coloring fun!

Discover the magic of Encanto members & Encanto Coloring Pages

In Encanto, the descendants of Abuela Alma are blessed with supernatural gifts when they turn 5 years old, with each gift reflecting something about each character. The Madrigal family’s special ability was raised the family level while allowing them to support the community in the Colombian lands. However, such high expectations will also lead to profound downsides to each of these magical family members.

Encanto Coloring Pages

After enduring pain and loss in order to flee danger with her three children, Alma is saved by a magical house and eternal candle that grants each of Alma’s descendants strength. their own special strengths. The Madrigal family members believe that their strength is what makes them special.

And so it became even more horrifying when Mirabel didn’t receive a single power on her fifth birthday. Mirabel is determined to prove her worth despite the lack of that gift, which leaves Mirabel on her own to find the magic in Disney’s latest musical, Encanto.

As great as the abilities of the Madrigal family members are, they also come with burdens that each character must overcome. Each character’s strengths reflect aspects of their personalities, revealing something about each of them that they may have never shared before. Here are the gifts every Encanto character gets and why they have them.

The Madrigal Matrilineal Family, led by Mrs. Alma magically does not have powers of her own, but without her, no member would possess these powers. Alma has been given the magic to raise her three children and honor her late husband’s sacrifice to give them a better life.

As the custodian of the never-burning candle, which bestows supernatural gifts on her descendants, Alma has the vital role of protecting the flame and ensuring that the magic is maintained.

Because of her, the Madrigal family was able to support the community with their gifts and honor the Madrigal name. Over time, however, Alma became so focused on preserving the fire and its legacy that she could no longer see anything else, including the ways in which she was actually harming the fire. love your own family.

Pepa, one of Alma’s three children, is endowed with the ability to control the weather with her emotions. Whenever Pepa feels “overburdened” or upset, a storm cloud will appear over her head, growing and shrinking with the intensity of Pepa’s emotions. From an early age, Pepa had to always control herself for the sake of everyone around her, never really being able to fully express her feelings without facing immediate consequences. instantly.

In the song Don’t Talk About Bruno, Pepa revealed that she held her wedding during a storm because her powers were washed away. Pepa has many remedies for her own emotions, such as stroking her hair and repeating soothing mantras to herself. But that’s rarely enough to “dominate” the weather inside Pepa, and Pepa has to always reassure herself of something.

Hunter x Hunter Coloring Pages & Manga Series


The manga Hunter x Hunter by author Togashi Yoshihiro has been adapted to two versions, but in this article, the writer will introduce to you the 2011 version. Compared to the first version released in 1999, MadHouse’s Hunter x Hunter is considered much more faithful to the original, and unafraid to show off the quintessence of this stellar manga.


Kurapika, Gon, Killua and Leorio Hunter X Hunter Coloring Pages

12 years before the events of the film begin, a famous and mysterious Hunter Ging leaves his son Gon to follow the path of a professional hunter. From a young age, Gon has been told that his father’s father His mother passed away in an accident. Until one day while wandering in the forest and being attacked by wild beasts, Gon was saved by Kite, one of his father’s students. Thanks to Kite, Gon learns that his father is still alive and has become a true Hunter. So the story begins, when Gon is determined to set out to find his father.

In the movie, Hunter is understood here as hunters who hunt for almost everything from game cards to human body parts, all of which can be targeted, auctioned, and brought to the market. on profits. However, the story of Hunter x Hunter is not so simple, each character in the film has a different motive, from goodwill to hatred, harmoniously combined with the element of “hunting something”. has made HxH have a special thrill and attraction.

Although the world of HxH is not too large, other famous Shounen works such as One Piece and Naruto are built in an extremely dynamic, systematic and especially extremely logical manner. Every action must be calculated 7,749 times to be performed, and every event must have a clear reason. If to describe, the world of hunters in HxH is a world that is both seductive and deadly.

Bakugan Warrior & Bakugan Coloring Pages

Bakugan Battle Planet Characters Coloring Pages

In the parallel world of Vestroia, a powerful Bakugan is looking for power (in the small sphere there is a huge power that when entered turns into a very powerful warrior) named Naga to absorb the energy. amount of two opposing cores that preserve balance and peace in Vestroia. However, he absorbed too much power and energy in Core Silent, the source of negative energy. The Core Infinity, positive energy was absorbed by Wavern, his sister. In the first part, the story centers on six friends who find cards falling from the sky, Vestroia to be exact. In the battle of Bakugan Battle Brawlers consists of 8 warriors: Dan, Shun, Runo, Marucho, Julie, Alice, Fionna, and finally Joe. Together they learn more about the origin of Bakugan, Vestroia, the games associated with them.



Encanto, Hunter x Hunter & Bakugan coloring pages are popular for a reason. Their unique magic and stories have captured the hearts of children (and adults) all over the world. If you’re looking for some new and interesting coloring pages to print out for your kids (or yourself), be sure to check these characters out. and don’t forget our website: Coloring pages for kids and adults. Have fun and enjoy coloring!

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