Easy Ways To Hide Your Electrical Outlets

Hidden Electrical Outlets

The invention of electricity has been very crucial for mankind. Our whole existence these days revolves around electricity and electronic gadgets. Be it for studies, work, or leisure; we are highly dependent on our computers, laptops, and televisions for being up to date and in contact with the rest of the world. 

This importance of electricity and electronic gadgets, in turn, highlights the importance of electrical outlets. We need electrical outlets for the electrical appliances to work. We also need them to charge our gadgets which have become indispensable. Without functioning electrical outlets, our whole world topples. It is also necessary to hide these outlets to be aesthetically appealing and safe. If you have kids in your house it’s imperative to keep them away from the hazards of electricity.

Hidden outlets can be achieved in these easy ways: 

Black Electrical Outlets Can Be Utilized

The usage of black color outlets enables one to hide the holes of the outlet in plain sight. It is one of the most effective and cheap ways to hide electrical outlets. 

Applying Paint To Hide The Outlets

Applying paint matching to the wall where the outlet is placed, ranks at par with the first method in terms of being effective and cheap. It gives zero visibility to the outlet.

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Furniture Can Be Kept In Front Of  The Outlets

We can also place furniture in front of each of the outlets for them to be visually appealing and cost-effective. In this way, we can achieve hidden outlets. 

However, care should be taken to ensure that the furniture is not touching the electrical outlet. If it so happens, it becomes cumbersome to displace the furniture from its place each time we want to use the outlet to charge our phones or laptops or simply to plug an electrical appliance into an electrical outlet.

Usage Of A Box  To Cover Electrical Outlets

One can cover an outlet by using a box. This ensures the safety of the children and pets. 

Covering Electrical Outlets By A Cap

We can cover an electrical outlet using a cap that fits perfectly into the holes to ensure less visibility. 

Installing  Electrical Outlets Inside Drawers

This is a unique way of hiding electrical outlets. One can install an electrical outlet in a drawer of a cabinet. We should lock the particular drawer of the cabinet at all times from children since they might want to use the drawer for keeping some of their things. They might touch the outlet holes, thus resulting in an electric shock.


Besides ensuring the safety of the children and pets, Hidden outlets also make the whole house beautiful to look at. It can transform a house entirely by using cheap and straightforward steps. 

The electrical outlets thoroughly blend into the look and feel of the whole house. We should, therefore, completely move forward and place concealed outlets in our homes. This is one of the most straightforward methods to give your house a makeover.

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