Earrings Made of White Gold: All You Need to Know

When thinking about getting a pair of white-gold earrings for oneself or for a dear one – people have certain questions on their minds.

While these earrings come in a lot of custom designs and extra details – but due to some unaddressed concerns – some people end up missing quality pieces of such earrings.

In this blog article, we will shed light on customer concerns and will answer questions about white gold earrings that customers want to know the most about.

What White Gold is Exactly?

It’s important that you understand the core difference between yellow gold and white gold.

At the core, white gold is basically an alloy of gold. The gold from which it is made up of a mixture. This mixture consists of pure gold and the presence of other materials like palladium and silver.

It’s due to the alloy obtained from this mixture that the elegant silverish look of white gold is obtained.

The look and the rarity of appeal are what drove many jewelry lovers to prefer white gold or traditional yellow gold.

Why is it that White Gold is a Mixed Alloy?

Customers often feel confused as to why the white gold is a mixture of metals. It’s better to clarify that in the jewelry industry, all kinds of gold are mixed with stronger metals.

The reason is that without mixing gold with harder metals – it’s hard to mold the gold into different designs of earrings.

white gold earrings at Zamel’s are obtained and designed using premium quality materials to ensure long-lasting structural strength and impeccable beauty. By doing so, it’s made sure the design of the earrings does not lose shape.

Can I Wear White Gold?

Yes, definitely. Earrings made of white gold suit everyone’s skin. It’s really a matter of personal preference whether you prefer wearing white gold or yellow gold.

Whereas, a large number of jewelry enthusiasts love to have both types of gold on their earrings. Another great way of making diverse styles of earrings is to order custom earrings that have different colors of gold.

By adding different artistic details to these earrings on-demand – professional jewelers are always able to come up with artsy designs that impress the fascinated attention of customers.

Will My Earrings in White Gold Last for Long?

Yes, white gold definitely does last long. However, it very much depends on the way you take care. By keeping such earrings the right way, these will stay in great condition for many years.

The premium quality of earrings made from white gold is made possible by the usage of rhodium coatings. The coating acts as a protective layer and adds a lustrous shine to these earrings.

What Measures are Needed to Keep White Gold in Pristine Condition?

  • Make sure to keep white-gold made earrings away from exposure to direct sunlight.
  • You should remove them before going to bed. Also, keep them off before taking a shower, and wear them after drying.
  • Cosmetics such as perfumes, cleansers, and creams should not be applied or sprayed on the earrings.


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