The Dark Side Of Donald Eugene Hogan – Father Of Anna Nicole Smith

Donald Eugene Hogan’s daughter Anna Nicole Smith endeavored everything to have a sweet connection with her biological father Donald Eugene Hogan but he only kicked into her trauma and depression. 

Anna Nicole Smith’s relationship with her father Donald Eugene Hogan leads to her mental struggle and abuse. 

In this article, we will find out about Donald Eugene Hogan and his daughter Anna Nicole Smith’s relationship. 

Who Was Anna Nicole Smith?

Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was a well-known actress-model in the 1990s who became recognized with Guess and Playboy and held stardom with her striking beauty and vibrant personality. 

Anna Nicole Smith married 89-year-old billionaire J.  Howard in 1994.

After her husband’s death,  Anna Nicole Smith fought a legal battle with Marshall’s son for his legacy and assets. 

Anna Nicole Smith had a traumatic childhood and she tried to reconnect with her father Donald Eugene Hogan when she was about 24 years old. 

Who Was Donald Eugene Hogan?

Donald Eugene Hogan was born on July 12, 1947, in Texas. 

His parents were Clarence Eugene Hogan and Helen Maurice Sandlin. 

Donald Eugene Hogan had an unsettled childhood and he dropped out of school at a very early age. 

On February 22, 1967, 19-year-old Donald Eugene Hogan married 15-year-old Virgie Mae Tabers. 

Donald Eugene Hogan and Virgie Mae Tabers had a daughter Vickie Lynn Hogan who changed her name to Anna Nicole Smith

Donald Eugene Hogan’s Life

Donald Eugene Hogan had sexually assaulted a minor girl and his 10-year-old sister in his teenage years.

Virgie Mae Tabers and  Donald Eugene Hogan got divorced in 1969 due to his past and went to jail for 6 months due to his criminal records. 

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After getting released from jail, Donald Eugene Hogan had relationships with many women and had many children with them. 

Biography Of Donald Eugene Hogan

Full Name Donald Eugene Hogan
Birth date July 12, 1947
Birthplace Harris,  Texas,  USA
Death September 19, 2009
Death place Oakhurst,  San Jacinto,  USA
Reason of death  Lung cancer
Parents Clarence Eugene Hogan, Helen Maurice Sandlin
Wife Virgie Mae Tabers, Arthur, 

And others

Children  Anna Nicole Smith, Donald Hogan, 
Criminal Cases Sexual Assault of minor girls 


How Donald Eugene Hogan Reconnected With His Daughter Anna Nicole Smith

Virgie Mae Tabers remarried many times after getting divorced from Donald Eugene Hogan.

She never told anything to her daughter Anna Nicole Smith about her father Donald Eugene Hogan’s crimes. 

Anna Nicole Smith always blamed her mother for her traumatic childhood and accused her mother of keeping her away from her biological father, Donald Eugene Hogan

At the age of 13 years,  Anna Nicole Smith moved out of her home to Texas to live with her Aunt. 

Anna Nicole Smith became a famous actress and model in Texas. 

Anna Nicole Smith constantly tried to find out about her biological father Donald Eugene Hogan

In 1993 She hired a private investigator to track and reconnect with her father, Donald Eugene Hogan.

Relationship Between Donald Eugene Hogan And Anna Nicole Hogan

loving relationship

Anna Nicole Hogan felt traumatized by her father, Donald Eugene Hogandemeanors as she had very high expectations of having a loving relationship with him. 

Donald Eugene Hogan even attempted to sexually assault his daughter Anna Nicole Smith and also tried to capitalize on her fame by squeezing money from her. 

Anna Nicole Smith broke all her contact with Donald Eugene Hogan and struggled with Depression and low self-esteem for all her life. 

And died due to an accidental overdose of drugs in 2007.

Donald Eugene Hogan’s Death

Donald Eugene Hogan's Death

Donald Eugene Hogan died at the age of 62 on September 19, 2009, after suffering from lung cancer. 

He passed away at his home in Oakhurst,  San Jacinto,  USA. 

Donald Eugene Hogan did not give up any inheritance or assets to any of his children. 

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Fans got heartbroken when a Netflix documentary demonstrated the dark side of Anna Nicole Smith’s father Donald Eugene Hogan

A disturbing allegation in the Netflix documentary “Anna Nicole Smith- You Do Not Know Me” claims the allegation of a sexual assault attempt by Donald Eugene Hogan against his daughter. 

The documentary shows the life of Anna Nicole Smith and the dark side of her father Donald Eugene Hogan

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