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Do 3PL Companies Provide Inventory Visibility?

Do 3PL Companies Provide Inventory Visibility?

The digital world puts pressure on producers to use digital means to outsource products. The new world has shown the importance of digital marketing to raise the level of profit in a business venture. The economic benefits that come in handy with e-commerce platforms relate to the supply chains and outsourcing partners who promise to provide hassle-free delivery in a single click. The need is to guarantee a quick delivery cost-effectively.

The early trend of visiting local departmental stores to choose daily products has decreased significantly. It may be due to a few reasons. People are struggling with time scarcity. The tight schedules and strict deadlines offer them no time to invest in offline window shopping. E-commerce platforms provide multiple options to sort through and give space to the customer to select from a variety of options. The second reason may be the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Amidst full and partial lockdowns and social distancing protocols, supplies of vital goods were possible through logistics chains only. Researchers consider the rise in popularity of 3PL companies mainly due to these reasons.

People these days prefer to choose online shopping as it is time convenient and may offer customization benefits. But people are hardly aware of the lengthy process involved in logistic supplies. The method includes inventory enlisting, warehouse outsourcing, picking up, delivery, and return policies. Before tieing up with logistic partners, the e-commerce brands ensure that they take care of the packaging and promotional aspects. Special attention to customer choices and branding makes people consciously select the best 3PL companies. A better knowledge of the consumer policies of 3pl near me via this article will help us understand their importance to our lives.

What are 3PL companies? 

3PL companies or Third-party logistics is the body involved in supply procedures that aims at good logistic supplies, product outsourcing, and distribution. It functions from the grass-root level of receiving inventory lists to returning the discarded product to its producers. The company policies undergo frequent changes to provide better service to the customers. Such changes include two-day delivery, well-structured distributorship, and pocket-friendly shipping charges. From raw material accumulation to checking restocks, the companies have multiple divisions. The divisions include Standard 3PL Provider, Service Developer, Customer Adapter, and Customer Developer.

Standard 3PL Developer works as packers and pickers. They also function in warehousing and distribution. Service Developer looks for customer opinions, promotional activities, tracing stocks, and tracking deliveries. Customer Adapter considers grievances and customer requests. Customer Developer performs the entire process of logistic supplies, from restocking products to studying market competitions and customer preferences.

What is Inventory Visibility? 

Inventory Visibility is the act of enlisting the details of goods and raw materials in stocks. They make up the charts of finished and unfinished goods available for sale. Suppose a company is willing to produce wooden pieces of furniture. The wood as an unfinished reserve in factories is inventory and will help make furniture once the customer orders it. Once the companies become aware of the stocks, they can opt for fast delivery chains. It serves the function of better delivery operations. The aim is to keep track of delivery and products in-store and monitor the expiration policies. The customer care executive of the agency notes privacy policies, company records, and market management forums to ensure a better supply chain.

The classification of the inventory list follows three steps. The first category is raw materials which are in reserve for future use. The second category consists of products whose work is in progress. The last category is finished goods. The selling of these inventories fetches the company’s profit from the market.

The inventory list may appear fruitful if its visibility is open to customers. It offers a two-way benefit. The producers may get an idea of the demands and preferences of the customers. The customers also can go through the product availability and choose their options accordingly. For a company, inventory is its capital asset. It becomes crucial for a company to balance the investment and profit tally. There must be a balance between inventory and sales. If a company has more inventory and fewer sales in a financial year, the company suffers a loss.

Importance of Inventory Visibility

Here are a few benefits of having inventory visibility. 

  • Faster Customer Service

Inventory Visibility ensures a smooth information exchange between customers and the service provider. Popular brands emphasize the aspect of well-sourced delivery warehouses. If companies maintain a fair linkage between delivery location and the location of warehouses at regular intervals, it helps speed up the process of delivery. Customers and producers get an account of the products in high demand as they realize the inclination of the customers to faster delivery services. In this context, the distributorship of the companies plays an important role. Some surveys claim that customer preference also depends on the stock. People choose those products which have more quantity. They consider that products in large stock are not close to expirations. Stock surplus always attracts customers.

  • Stream-lined delivery process 

Customers these days prefer hassle-free buying and return policies. Many logistic supplies do not include the feature of handling return services and charge excess shipping rates for those return goods. Stream-lined services give special attention to packaging and product safety. Well-planned inventory visibility reduces the risk of product mismanagement. Few companies also work on improving parcel packaging. The new trend is the adding of personalized notes and package customization.

Do 3PL companies provide visibility?

3PL companies provide access to information to a large extent. Apart from the confidential information related to company policies and profit margins, they share the full delivery details. From tracking ideas to the delivery date and warehouse activities to transportation delays, 3PL agencies enable us to get our hand in every detail. These companies also try to improve customer service communication in case of emergency cancellation. This transparency builds trust between the producer and consumer. The only drawback is that certain companies do not provide data about manufacturing and expiry details which can go against consumer safety guidelines.


Technology and science have contributed to the change in product stocking and outsourcing. In the last decade, people used to wait for days to receive a parcel. This mode no longer exists. The 3PL companies compete to provide their customers with the best experience without waiting much. To improve the experience, they provide luxury packaging and biodegradable wraps. The free-shipping feature attracts brands to opt for that particular logistics. From enlisting orders to customer details, from arranging for transportation to easy storage, from delivery fast and at cheaper rates to handling the issue of damaged products, 3PL companies provide the profitable outcome in managing goods transportation. The public dependency on logistic services has made life easier. Goods of our choice are only a click away and get delivered to the doorstep in a day or two.


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