Deepanshu Kher explains How You Can Make Your Public Speaking Skills Better?

If you are a motivational speaker or you want to become one, then your public speaking skills are one of the most important aspects. It is needed to enable individuals to feel comfortable. Making your public speaking skills better will help you become more appealing. Today, in this post, we are going to tell you about the ways to make your public speaking skills better and become an effective motivational speaker like Deepanshu Kher.

So, let us get started!

Deepanshu Kher Says Anxiety is normal. So practice & prepare

While speaking in front of a group of people, everyone feels physiological reactions such as trembling hands and pounding hearts. But yes, you should not let these feelings make you feel that you are going to perform poorly or will make a mistake. Instead, you should keep in mind that some nervousness is also good and absolutely normal because it will make you more attentive and provide you with the mind to perform better. In case you feel extra nervous while talking, you will have one easy way to overcome it – practice and prepare. Yes, do as much as practice you can do and prepare yourself better. Once you do it, you will become comfortable speaking like a pro.

Get familiar with your audience

Before we say anything – just note down one thing – the motivational speech that you are going to give is all about your audience, not you. So, while preparing your speech, you should consider them and keep them in your mind all the time. Do some thorough research to learn about your audience. This is an easy way to help you choose the right words, organization pattern, information level, and motivational quotes/statements. You can also watch the videos of Deepanshu Kher motivational speaker to take an idea of how he interacts with his audience.

Organize the material effectively to reach your ultimate goal

The best way to do so is by creating the framework for the speech. Just note down your notice, general and specific purposes, central idea, and of course – main points. You should make sure that you successfully grab the attention of your audience in the first 30-40 seconds and it is only possible when you present well-organized material.

Look for the suggestions and feedback

While speaking to your audience, you are advised to keep the focus on them. Just gauge their actions and reactions, adjust the message accordingly, and remain flexible throughout the speech. If you deliver a canned speech, then chances are higher that you will lose your audience’s attention or confuse them. So, be flexible and implement the suggestions/ feedback as per the audience and their reactions.

Be you – let your actual personality come out

Many motivational speakers make one common mistake – they try to mimic others or the one they used to follow. But you know what – the following someone is fine but when you are in front of people to motivate them, it can have its own drawbacks. So, the only solution for this is to – be you. Once you are ‘yourself’ you will gradually establish credibility. And when true personality shines, your audience will start trusting you – no matter what!

Summing it up!

In addition to the points listed above, you are also advised to use humor, use effective language, tell stories, use your hands and voice effectively, and give your speech a dynamic end. Most of the successful and popular motivational public speakers like Deepanshu Kher also do the same. And once you follow all these things – no one can stop you from becoming an effective speaker


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