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Everything about Damon Salvatore Rule 34: Quotes, Scenes, Car and much more


In 2009, a series named “Vampire Diaries” captured the attention of several people. You can say that it is a Twilight saga but this series is tenser. There are several reasons behind its success. The first reason could be the story arc of this series and the second most important reason would be the bad boy vampire Damon Salvatore.

Ian Somerhalder is the actor who has played the character of Damon Salvatore in Vampire Diaries. He did amazing acting which is the reason why everyone loves the character of Damon Salvatore. There are many fans who must be very curious to know everything about Damon Salvatore. So, we have tried to gather all the relevant information about this character.

Who is Damon Salvatore?

According to the series, Damon Salvatore is a Vampire. He is the older brother of Stefan Salvatore. At the beginning of the show, he was the antagonist which eventually turned into the protagonist. 

He was born in 1839. He was being injected with the cure after this he became human. In the series, he was the distant descendant of Silas. He became a vampire in 1864. Silas was the world’s first immortal being. 

Due to the turbulent relationship which existed between the Salvatore Brothers they have been out of reach for almost fifteen years and then Damon returns to Mystic falls.

After this, he became an important character in the story. Its main storyline follows a love triangle between Damon, Stefan, and Elena.

Rule 34 of Damon Salvatore

It may be possible that you have not heard of Damon Salvatore Rule 34. Rule 34 is not famous. It is an internet rule. It applies to everything that has ever been created with the help of video games to TV characters. 

According to this rule, “anything that exists, there is p**n of it and there are no exceptions.” The meaning of this statement is that every content has its own 18+ version. This version is available on the internet. There is no exception to this rule so, heartthrob Damon Salvatore is not an exception. You may get a lot of adult content related to Damon Salvatore on the internet. 

Nowadays, it became a common trend across the internet. You may not believe but there is some adult content created by the fans of the Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliff.  It has become a regular thing to have saucy content related to any TV show or movie character.

Cars of Damon Salvatore

There are many fans who are attracted to his car of Damon. The car has gained a lot of popularity. It is not as popular as the 1967 Chevrolet Impala of Dean Winchester from the supernatural. Chevrolet Impala was iconic but Damon’s car has also increased curiosity among the audience of Vampire Diaries. 

If you have not seen Vampire Diaries then you must be thinking that which car actually Damon Salvatore drives in the show. He drives a basic 1969 Chevy Camaro Convertible. This car first appeared during a Friday night bites and Damon has dropped off Caroline at cheerleading practice in the show.

Quotes of Damon Salvatore

You may know that there are many lines of Damon in Vampire Diaries. Here, we are going to mention some of his iconic quotes:

Season One

  1. He said to Stefan, “Hello, brother.”

You must be thinking that it doesn’t sound like any quote, but actually, it is loved by his fans.

2. He said to Stefan, “She took my breath away. Elena. She’s a dead ringer for Katherine. Is it working, Stefan? Being around her, being in her world? Does it make you feel alive?”

He was telling Stefan that Elena had taken his breath away. He is saying that Elena is a dead ringer for Katherine. 

3. He said to Elena, “I’m sure it will come up now. Perhaps he didn’t tell you because he didn’t want you to think he was on the rebound. We’ve all seen how those relationships end up.”

He was talking to Elena and giving advice to her about relationships.

4. He told Elena that he is a fatalist.

5. He said to Stefan, “Stefan, were you concerned? Are you concerned that we will repeat history? Isn’t that why you play your “I’m a high school human” game?”

He is asking Stefan that whether he is worried or not? 

6. He said to Stefan, “Oh, there’s only one “do-gooder” role available. My bad. I’m sorry”

You can understand it as a taunt but if you really want to understand these lines then it is better to watch the series.

7. He said to Jeremy, “Life sucks either way. But if you don’t want to feel it then you can do that because you are a vampire.”

8. He said to Katherine, “I came to this town with the intention of destroying it. Tonight, I felt compelled to defend it. What causes this? I’m not a hero. I’m not very good. It’s just not in me.”

He confesses that he is not a hero and he wanted to destroy this town but eventually changes his intention. 

9. He said to Katherine, “She did it for you, after all. This implies that at some point, you determined I was worthwhile to rescue. And for that, I wanted to thank you.”

He was thanking Katherine for saving him.

Season two

  1. He told Elena that earlier, on the porch, they were talking and feeling exposed. He also stated that they kissed.
  2. He said to Stefan, “Woman usually knows how to make an entrance.”

It means that woman has the natural ability to look perfect during the entrance. 

3. He asked Elena what could be the reason behind the torture of non-vampire by using a vampire torture device and she let John Gilbert use this device against her. He also asked about Caroline.

4. “I have a question,” he said to Katherine. “If you respond, the red brilliance of fireworks and rockets will return. If you respond correctly, I’ll forget that I’ve been missing you for the past 145 years. I’ll forget everything, including how much I loved you, and we can start afresh. We have time, so this might be our turning point. That’s what makes eternity so lovely. I only need to hear the truth once.”

He told Katherine to state the truth once then he will forget everything that has happened in the past.

5. He said to Jeremy, “You want to shut out the pain? It’s the easiest thing in the world. The part of you that cares just goes away, all you have to do is flip the switch and snap!”

6. He asked Stefan that is he was worried about that one day when all the forest animals are fighting back.

7. He confessed his love for Elena and stated that he just have to say it once, she just need to hear it. He said that he loves her and he can’t be selfish with her. He thinks that he doesn’t deserve her but his brother does. 

Season Three

  1. He told Elena to learn how to knock. What would happen if he was indecent?
  2. He said to Elena, “Certainly stop, Elena! Stop trying to find him. Stop anticipating his return. Just quit! Stefan has left and won’t be returning. In your lifetime, no.”

He is giving advice to Elena so that she stops thinking about Stefan. 

3. He said to Elena, “Happy Birthday, Elena. Stefan killed Andie. Cake?”

4. What is your grand scheme, Elena? Huh? You intend to stroll across a werewolf campfire, cook marshmallows, and wait for Stefan to arrive?

5. To Elena: “I want you to keep in mind the emotions you experienced while my brother was away so that you can remember them when I pull him back from the edge and give him to you. Until tomorrow, Elena.

6. He said to Elena, “I was nearby in a big and popular city, Chicago. A haughty ripping douche, Stefan. However, I was able to dodge him and still enjoy a few Daisy Buchanans on my own.”

7. He told Gloria that Damn! he would have stayed if he had known you would age in this manner.

8. He told Stefan, “For us to have our epic goodbye, Stefan?” 

9. He told Elena that he gets it. Stefan, it’s always gonna be Stefan.

In this line, he was saying that he knows that it was not him. 

Season 4

  1. He said to Elena that she wouldn’t be! And she had the opportunity to grow up and had the kind of life that she wanted; the life that she deserves. He always knows that he didn’t use to get that kind of life but he does this now. He also said that he wanted that for Elena. He confesses that he can let Matt die and provide this to her as he is selfish.
  2. He said to Elena, “But you knew that already. The first night we met is not all that you remember.”
  3. He told Stefan that he better hope she is not a fan of Bambi.
  4. He told to Alaric can you believe that they are actually floating lanterns in the sky?
  5. He told that a Japanese lantern is a symbol of letting go of the past to Alaric. He then stated that the great news is that they are not Japanese! He asked that do he know what they are. Then answered Children. He explained that saying a prayer or lighting a candle will make everything better, or that Elena won’t die like the rest of us wicked vampires. Silly, illusional, exasperating, and small Children. He then said that he knows what Alaric is going to say, Damon stated that he will say “It makes them feel better, Damon.” Then what? How much time? A second or a day? What variations does it produce? Because in the end, when someone you care about passes away, no amount of candles or prayers will be able to compensate for the fact that all that is left of them in your life is a void.
  6. Damon then said to Alaric that a rock that has a birthday engraved into it that is almost certainly incorrect. I’m grateful, buddy. I appreciate you leaving me here to watch the kids because I should have left long ago. Remember that I didn’t get the girl? Just arguing with my brother and looking after the kids keeps me here. You owe me a lot.

Season Five

  1. He told Silas that if he will listen to the word “doppelganger” again then he has to learn how to spell this word because it became difficult for him.
  2. He asked Elena what she thinks about him. He means that actually there is no one who will tell him how he lives his life and no one tells him whom he loves. He then added especially not some vindictive prehistoric witch and also not the universe. He was trying to make her realize that she is his life by saying that he is not going to let someone’s idea of destiny, decide his future. He is not going to stop loving her.
  3. He asked Elena, “as you have taken philosophy class, now have you become the queen of nature versus nurture?”
  4. “Lady Anne Boleyn,” He told Elena. Then he asked who in their right mind would remove a head so beautiful, though?
  5. He said to Nadia: “Feeding the maggots that feed on her skin is the best thing Katherine Pierce will ever do. Let it go. You’re not returning her.
  6. “I’d welcome you to stay for dinner, but I don’t know much about traveler cuisine,” he told to Markos. Although he is sure that there’s a lot of gruel and trail mix involved.
  7. Even if he had wanted to apologize, he said to Elena that she couldn’t listen to him. Thus, he won’t.

Season Six

  1. He told Elena that this conversation is basically the sensible, smart you conversing with the impulsive, potential drug addict you. Which demonstrates your insane state without a doubt.
  2. He was talking to Bonnie and stated that we are in some extra-terrestrial temporal realm, I’m sure of it, Bonnie. Do you ever consider, even for a moment, the possibility that you are being negative and responding negatively to my genuine self?
  3. He said to Bonnie, “To start with, Bonnie. Don’t call me that; that’s not my style. Additionally, this evidence suggests that it might have been you that completed the crossword inexplicably filled out.”
  4. He told kai that this day has been monumentally one of the bad days in the sea of bad days, so he is going to need to know who kai was. Then he asked what kai is doing here and how this is related to him.
  5. He said to Kai, “Oh my god, you have to answer this question. What is the way to get out of this Twilight Zone?”
  6. He said to Kai, “I felt you could get us out of here and you could save us. The only reason you’re alive right now is that I believed you could. You, however, lack any solutions! You’re nothing more than a boy with jam on his fingers!”
  7. He said to Stefan: “Since I’m still alive, Stefan. This material is decent, but it’s not “I see dead people” decent. Brother, it’s a really long story, but Back I come. Stefan, I’m back. Yeah, I’m back.
  8. He said to Stefan: “Stefan, I simply need to see her. We’ll look at each other, there will be a display of fireworks, and nature will once again be in harmony. She cherishes me!”

He was saying that she loves her and he wanted to see her. 

Season Seven

  1. He told Stefan that just to be clear, he is taking the master bedroom, Stefan. He had a little thing with Carol Lockwood. She might want me to have it, He believes. Let’s also open a few windows. This place has a dog smell. This is remarkable given that Tyler has been dating Jeremy for a while.
  2. He said to Stefan, “Don’t be afraid! In a few minutes, I will make a call to the registrar’s office and learn the precise owner of the property; at that moment, we’ll kill the owner, storm the castle, and rescue your damsel.”
  3. He was talking to Bonnie and he said, “Well, Bonnie Bennett, I’m pleased to see you boarding this train to Crazytown! Being by myself made me lonely.”

Shirtless Scenes of Damon Salvatore

With his shirtless scenes, he has raised a lot of popularity of Vampire Diaries among female fans. If you have watched this series then you may know that there are a lot of shirtless scenes of Damon Salvatore. But, some of them have become very popular among the people. We have tried to prepare a list of those scenes:

1. Shower scene

It is a shower scene that surprises many people because are not really expecting that. That scene was really a bold move for Damon Salvatore. This scene was praised by many people, especially by Vampire Diaries fans. But it is a random scene that has acquired attention. 

2. Delena Scene

Fans have been waiting for this scene because they wanted to see Elena and Damon together. There are many fans of Vampire Diaries who love them. The whole situation escalated because Elena is sired to Damon. 

3. Kiss Scene of Damon and Elena

Fans have given them a name which is Delena. This scene was loved by many Vampire Diaries fans. This scene has shown great chemistry between the two lead actors of this series. 

4. Damon Tease Scene

Although the chemistry between Damon and Elena was good, it increased tenfold whenever he chose to tease her. One such scene is this one. Damon tries to change the situation in his favour by performing a brief tease act as Elena tries to make things work with Stefan. Even more, he uses the well-known line, “You staying for the show, or?” Fans relished every second of it since it was such a tense time.

5. Casual Towel Walk

There is also a casual walk scene of Damon in Towel. This scene is another random scene that came suddenly. 


In this article, we have tried to cover every important thing related to Damon, who is a very popular character among Vampire Diaries fans. The topics which I have covered in this article are Introduction, Who is Damon Salvatore?, Rule 34 of Damon Salvatore, Cars of Damon Salvatore, Quotes of Damon Salvatore, and Shirtless Scenes of Damon Salvator.

You have to read this article if you are a fan of Vampire Diaries and if you have not seen it then you should watch this once.


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