Creative Ways To Treat Yourself

These days there is a great deal of talk about how to treat yourself. Occasionally referred to as practicing good self-care, there is an increasing emphasis among people of all ages on making sure that they are taking the time to do things that make them happy, and comfortable, or bring them joy and security. In a late-stage capitalist world that often privileges work over leisure time, socializing, family and health, this revolutionary approach to how you should be living your life is both exciting and overwhelming. How and where should you be treating yourself? What constitutes a treat, and what constitutes an excess? How many bubble baths can I take before it stops being self-care?

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But self-care and treating yourself is about more than taking long baths and spending time curled up on the couch relaxing. There are countless interesting and creative ways to treat yourself throughout the day, week, month, and year. Some are big, and some are small, but they all provide one very satisfying common experience: treating yourself reminds you that you have value in this world as you are. Here are two creative ways to treat yourself today!

Donate To A Charity Project

In any given community, there are usually countless fundraising events, charity projects, and general acts of goodwill happening at any one point. Participating in something that gives back to the community is one of the most underrated ways of treating yourself. Not only does it give you the opportunity to try something new, meet new like-minded, and caring people, and be a part of truly moving acts of compassion and kindness, it often gives you the chance to make your mark in a very meaningful and meaningful lasting way.

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Sometimes, that means getting your name or a message inscribed on the bricks in a new building or a shout-out engraved on a sculpture, and you can look here if you want inspiration for brick message ideas. Other times it means having your story published in a community newspaper or local publication. And, occasionally, it can net the best possible kind of social media attention: many people have gone viral for their good works, and what could be better self-care than that? 

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Explore A New Part Of The World

Life is so busy that often when faced with the prospect of a vacation, many people choose to visit the same places they always have: the beach, the cottage, that one small town on the coast. Seeking comfort and familiarity makes sense, but there is something truly rewarding – at both a psychological and emotional level – in taking some time to explore a new part of the world.

It doesn’t have to be somewhere completely remote or wild, either! Taking the time on a Sunday afternoon to explore a part of the city you’ve never been to on foot or visiting a different town to see what it has to offer can be equally rewarding.

Caring for yourself doesn’t have to be just a matter of physical pampering and special purchased treats: there are plenty of creative ways to treat yourself and make everyday life that much more satisfying and fulfilling.



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