Creative Call to Action Button Ideas They’d Be Crazy Not to Click On

Creating call to actions in the form of buttons on your website can increase your clicks by 45%.

It’s difficult to visit a successful website these days without finding at least one call to action button. There are a lot of examples out there, but have you ever read a call to action that stood out from the others and piqued your interest?

The best call to action buttons are unique to your business or brand.

Wondering how to get website visitors to click? Here’s a guide with call to action button examples that make an impression.

What Is a Call to Action Button?

A call to action button (or CTA) is a button on your website, email, or advertisement that tells the reader to take action. The goal is to use engaging text and appealing design to entice visitors to click on the button to lead them to a page where they can do things like buy goods or learn information.

Most CTA button text starts with a verb and is concise so that readers can glance at the button and know exactly what it’s for.

Creative Call to Action Button Ideas

There are lots of popular CTA buttons that get the job done, like “Buy now,” “Try 30 days free” or “Learn more.” But while these button ideas work, they aren’t unique.

Here are a few call to action button ideas that your website visitors will be excited to click on.

Start Customizing

This is an example taken from FabFitFun and is perfect for when you’re offering a product that allows customers to customize it to their liking. People love crafting something that’s unique to them, and this CTA button encourages people to find out what the customization options are.

Get My Free Sample

Simply mentioning the word “free” in your CTA is an effective way to get people’s attention.

There are lots of different variations of this call to action button that would work, from “Get My Free eBook” to “Send Me Free Stuff!” If you have free items or information to offer site visitors, this is a great CTA for you.

Connect with an Expert

This CTA is ideal for a button that directs site visitors to a live help chat. This button tells people they’ll be getting help from an experienced professional and makes the entire process easy.

Don’t forget links. For example, you can use exact match anchor text. This type of anchor text mirrors the page your readers are directed to.

Join the Family

This call to action is perfect for creating a sense of community. If you want people to subscribe to your blog or newsletter, this actionable phrase makes visitors feel like they’re important and part of something close-knit.

I’m In

If you’re looking for a CTA button that’s short and sweet, this example from Glossier is it. With simple text like “I’m in!” or “Let’s go!”, you capture readers’ attention and make the process look simple.

Discover Your Favorites

Want people to browse your merchandise? This CTA hints to visitors that an item they love is just waiting to be found on your site. You can also change up the wording by saying, “Shop our favorites” or “Find your new look.”

Create a Call to Action Button That Engages

A great call to action button stirs up excitement and intrigue in a visitor. By sticking to actionable words, keeping the text short, and getting creative, you’ll come up with call to action button ideas that truly wow.

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