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Covid19 Live News: With the current trend, it looks like an uphill task to inoculate the vulnerable groups as well as the general population in India.

Coronavirus Cases and Death Rate in India Live, Covid-19 Vaccine Registration India Live, Unlock India LIVE: Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate – This has been the one and only demand of every single health expert when asked about how to beat coronavirus. India’s mass vaccination drive, touted as the planet’s largest inoculation programme, has not gathered the desired pace. Launched on January 16, India has been vaccinating a far lesser number of beneficiaries with each passing day. According to the June 10 data by the health ministry, over 33 lakh individuals received their Covid jabs. So, is it enough? Not really! The latest Monthly Economic Review by the Union Finance Ministry says that nearly 70 crore citizens must be vaccinated by September this year in order to fully open the economy. This means that from the present 33 lakh, the Centre and states must ramp up the drive to 93 lakh jabs per day. Scientists say that around 80% of the population must be covered if a nation wants to achieve herd immunity. With the current trend, it looks like an uphill task to inoculate the vulnerable groups as well as the general population. To top it, the Centre has made it clear that only it has the sole authority of the data of vaccine stock. The argument is that it is of sensitive nature.

But many say that this shows that the govt is not transparent about the vaccine data. If people won’t know what kind of stocks we have, how will the citizens get the confidence? After the devastation of the second wave, the govt must ensure that vaccination data is made available to everyone to instil confidence and help people in restarting their lives:


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