Coronavirus Cases and Deaths in India Live: Covid-19 Vaccine India Update, Black and Yellow Fungus Infection in India Live Update, Covid-19 Cases in Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Telangana, Gujarat in Last 24 Hours

With launch of on-site registration, the 18-44 group mat find it easier to get the Covid jab. But million dollar question – Where are the vaccines? (PTI photo)

Coronavirus Cases in India Live, Covid-19 Vaccine Update India: The Narendra Modi government has introduced new changes in the CoWin settings which will allow the beneficiaries in the 18-44 group to go for on-site registration. Yes, it’s a good step. The Centre has also promised more doses for the states in the next 72 hours. All this looks very promising, but there seems to be no coherent policy on the national level to vaccinate the 133 crore Indians. After states say that ‘Big Pharma’ is turning them down, will the Centre now decide on procuring the vaccines? Or should it all be left to Q3 supplies promised to us in August?

Mucormycosis: As India struggles with Black Fungus, doctors say Methylene Blue can be a solution, demand detailed study on priority

As the nation debates over the vaccination agenda, here are the latest coronavirus-related updates from India and around the world:

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