Collection of taxes by a government from its citizen is a legitimate right and nothing illegal : NSCN-IM

NSCN-IM stated that collection of taxes by a government from its citizen is a legitimate right and it is nothing illegal at all.

The outfit in a statement stated, “Even the representatives of the Government of India who are engaged in political dialogue with NSCN leaders recognize this right.”

It said that the Naga national right is inherent, not a generous gift of the constitution of any country, and that it can never be robbed off or murdered by any force. “We have lived by our national right yesterday, we are living by it today and we shall live by it tomorrow because our right is the foundation of our existence and nationhood. The inherent right of a people is ageless and timeless. ”

NSCN-IM added that it is not a new thing to all that those opportunists, collaborators, traitors and other pseudo nationalists used to participate in peoples’ revolutionary movements in sheep’s clothing. With flirtatious mindset they desert here and there in search of fortune. Ironically, people with similar traits of character have penetrated into NSCN.

“It is pointless on the part of the critics to level false allegations on collection of taxes by the Government of the People’s Republic of Nagalim (GPRN). But GPRN is opposed to extortions and excesses if ever committed by the collectors. That is the area the government (GPRN) has to deal with strong hands, ” The outfit observed.

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