Colgate’s Hum electric toothbrush is $28 right now (save $12)



When I got my first cavity my mom urged me to switch from an analog to an electric toothbrush. I did and I haven’t had one since (knock on wood). If you’re looking for an electric brush, the sleek Hum by Colgate with two refill heads is down to $28 on Amazon right now. It’s available in teal or blue and comes fitted with a handy travel case. By comparison, the same brush is selling for $36 on Colgate’s website

The one notable caveat here is that this is a AA battery-powered model so there’s no charger (the one that tops our best electric toothbrush list is the rechargeable version). I’d say that makes it a perfect candidate for a travel toothbrush. Just stick it in its sanitary case in your travel bag or toiletry case and it’ll be there when you need it. You can leave your main brush and charger just where it is. 

The kids’ version of the Hum (manual not electric) is also down to $9 (normally $20) and comes with a connector boot and phone stand to use the Hum app to guide kids through better brushing.

Oh, and you’ll probably need toothpaste to go along with it. Might as well stock up while just about every type of Colgate paste is on sale also:

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