Chevy drops a new Corvette Z06 teaser ahead of next week’s debut

We know that the C8 Corvette Z06 will be wildly different than its more pedestrian Stingray sibling, thanks to a wild-sounding flat-plane V8 engine — a Corvette first. We also know that it’s getting its global debut on October 26, and to fan the flames of our excitement, Chevy dropped a short teaser film on Wednesday.

The film doesn’t give us much to go on beyond silhouettes of the car and the occasional exotic, zingy rev of the aforementioned V8. Still, it’s something, and I’m a little annoyed by how excited I am to get my first real look at the 2023 Z06.

Obviously, the C8 isn’t your dad’s Corvette (except that it probably actually is, because dads almost universally love Corvettes, and that includes this one). However, it’s still possible to infer a few things from previous Z06 models that will likely apply to the C8. We’ll probably see a bunch more aero, more aggressive wheels and tires, a retuned or completely new transmission to go with that flat-plane motor and a price tag somewhere in the high-five or low-six figures.

Keep an eye out on Roadshow for our coverage of the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06’s debut and the inevitable avalanche of dad jokes combined with giddy excitement that’s likely to ensue.

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