Buying Baby Blankets: 3 Tips That You Must Know

As new parents, the journey becomes tricky when you have to stack baby essentials beforehand so that you do not fall short of anything at the last moment. From baby clothes to accessories, choosing the safest and most appropriate one matters. On that note, baby blankets are an absolute necessity, be it wrapping your little one on the stroller or adding layers to the hood towel. In most cases, newborns feel the most comfortable and safe when wrapped or snuggled on a piece of cotton blanket. Although, you need to ensure that the blankets are out of baby-safe materials and consist of no extra chemicals or allergens. 

Things to Consider While Buying Baby Quilts

Blankets can turn into saviours for newborns, babies and toddlers. So, it becomes crucial to choose the right type and material. Meanwhile, although blankets often get associated with providing warmth, your baby might need a swaddle sleep even during summers. Luckily, baby blankets provide various other benefits too! In most cases, they can act as security blankets and feel comfortable in one thing other than the mother’s arms. As a result, it induces security and independence, developing a healthy attachment to blankets. On the bottom line, baby quilts play multiple significant roles, so you must never go wrong with choosing one. Hence, here is a list of tips to follow while you buy baby quilts:

  • Consider the Size
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Babies can indeed grow quickly. With that said, they can easily outgrow their newborn blanket in no time. However, it is still necessary that you only shop for the right size and consider the dimensions on your checklist. Meanwhile, your baby’s size can vary from another baby of the same age. Hence, it is always better to go with personalised sizes rather than age-based ones. The type or purpose of the blanket can also play a pivotal role in determining the required size. For instance, crib blankets can be smaller in size when compared to swaddle blankets.

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You can also choose between blankets that come with a hood to give extra coverage to your baby’s head. You can repurpose these blankets once your baby outgrows. The thumb rule is never to size up too much, considering that the blanket can last longer. Lastly, your baby’s age can also have a say. For instance, premie babies may require smaller blankets compared to regular newborns.

  • The Fabric Values

With choosing baby accessories, the fabric matter the most. The ideal baby-friendly material must be breathable, moisture-wicking, lightweight and wash-friendly. Meanwhile, woollen blankets are capable of trapping hot air during winters. They aid in regulating air circulation in and out of the blanket. As such, breathable blankets can work as an all-season essential. 

Wool blankets act as temperature regulators. During summers, they let hot air escape and wick sweat away. Cotton is another fabric you can count on as soft and subtle to touch. Cotton blankets are also hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. You can also consider investing in organic cotton blankets for two things: quality and sustainability. 

  • Know the Types
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You will be surprised to know the many types of baby quilts and blankets available. So, lastly, it is necessary to ensure that you are aware of these types to narrow down the choices. To begin with, you might often require a crib or a multi-use blanket which work as regular wraps. However, a blanket is an absolute newborn essential, which is used to carry and receive your little one for the first time! And swaddles act as a great way to put your fussy kid to sleep. Stroller blankets security blankets are some other notable blanket varieties.

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