Boost Your ROI: Avoid these Packaging Mistakes

People are imaginative and creative beings. Packaging is a critical requirement that cuts across various industries globally. If you make the wrong choices, your product packaging can spell disaster for your brand.

Packaging has three layers: inner packaging, outer packaging, and product packaging. Packaging is crucial and requires extensive research to be done correctly. As a manufacturer or retailer, there are some blunders in packaging that would be detrimental to your business. Read on to find out what they are and how to avoid them.

Illegible text

In an attempt to fit much information on a product’s package, some companies use a too tiny or cluttered font. An unreadable font discourages customers from purchasing, resulting in a significant drop in sales.

If you want to stand out, use the proper typeface to capture attention. Using different font types, colors, and sizes is very efficient at catching a shopper’s eye. However, to make your item enticing and different (in a good way) from similar products, you need to engage excellent designers.

Typing errors

It is a big blow for any brand to find their typos on memes doing rounds on social media. You’d rather be careful to ensure everything is well written and clearly typed. This will help build credibility, foster trust, and avoid backlash. Unfortunately, once an obvious error has been made, it isn’t easy to take it back, re-establish people’s trust, and it is extremely expensive to recall the item. The damage is extensive.

Difficult to open packaging

A packaging that’s too difficult to open the buyer has to use tools to open is a big turn-off for many. The process could be risky, time-consuming, and could damage the product. This could make your customers switch to another brand the next time they purchase,

While many traditional products are hard to open, companies are creating user-friendly packaging that is easy to open. No matter how good your product is, if opening the packaging is a lot of work, you might lose customers. A creative design agency can assist in the creation of user-friendly, open packaging that is both functional and visually appealing.

Over-packaged content

The adage “less is more” applies perfectly to the packaging industry. Many consumers hate bulky packaging since it takes up too much space on their shelves. Bulky packaging is a waste of resources and has a negative impact on sales.

Customers are more aware now than they were in earlier days of the environmental consequences of waste. As such, most people prefer packaging that is sustainable and eco-friendly. Using too much material on your packaging only adds to the waste and has a negative effect on the environment.

To make your product more appealing to buyers, think about saving shelf space and environmental conservation.

Generic packaging

Customers are more likely to buy from a brand they feel emotionally connected with. The most effective way to connect with your customers is through storytelling. If done correctly, storytelling could be the difference between expanding your business and losing your customers to competitors. Be brief but engaging and persuasive enough to win the buyers’ hearts.

Another efficient way to emotionally connect with your audience is to include custom tissue paper in your packaging. Inscribing a personal will further strengthen the connection, making the unboxing experience priceless, thus building customer loyalty.

Not sure where to begin? Contact a creative design firm to create balanced packaging that incorporates the appropriate fonts, colors, typography, graphics, and the right words for an emotional connection with your prospects.


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