Biden’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passes US House with billions for EV sector

President Joe Biden

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After passing the Senate in August, the US House of Representatives early Saturday morning passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill 228-206. The passage hands President Biden a win after months of negotiations and wings of the Democratic party attempting to attach the infrastructure bill to the president’s Build Back Better bill. With its passage, it heads to the president’s desk for a signature.

“Tonight, we took a monumental step forward as a nation,” Biden said in a statement. The president added the bill is “a once-in-generation bipartisan infrastructure bill that will create millions of jobs, turn the climate crisis into an opportunity, and put us on a path to win the economic competition for the 21st Century.”

The bill includes major support for electric vehicles and clean energy, specifically, there is $7.5 billion set aside to create a nationwide network of EV charging stations to expedite the adoption of electric cars this decade. Another $65 billion will fund an investment in clean energy and renewables for the nation’s electricity grid, and promises to create a more resilient system. Funds will also funnel to various clean energy technology projects.

Aside from the big boost in support automakers will receive with the charging station investment, the bill also includes billions for traditional infrastructure projects. $110 billion will support roads and bridges to fix and repair them, while also investing in ways to reduce traffic fatalities. Additionally, $39 billion will go to public transit with an additional $66 billion reserved for Amtrak to repair lines and expand services in the US.

The vote on infrastructure also included a House rule that imposed to pass the president’s Build Back Better bill on the week of the 15th. The legislation includes numerous social safety net expansions, and most notably for the auto industry, boosts the EV tax credit by $5,000.

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