The 7 Best Movies To Watch On Disney Plus Right Now

Feature Films are a great medium for expressing one’s emotions and passions. Directors across times have used the medium to express their thoughts. 

Movies are one of the best mediums that could transport your thoughts and imaginations fast.

Within one and a half or two hours it could take you to the realm where there is no rift between you and your medium. 

The most modern way of having a cinematic experience is VideoStreaming Services. This has gained high popularity within a stipulated time period. For a Quality cinematic experience, you could follow

The following post will put an account of the best movies that could be watched on  Disney’s own streaming platform called Disney Plus. 

Disney Plus

Disney+ is an American Subscription, Video-on-demand service. It is a streaming service that is owned and operated by the Entertainment distribution division of Walt Disney Company. 

Disney Plus launched itself with numerous movies and hours of TV shows. You could go to the library and watch movies from there.

Over here you could stream new movies as well as live-action films from the 60s, the 70s, and the 80s plus its originally produced movies. 

Disney truly has moved with the pace of time in catering to the Quality movie experience as it has done since its arrival.

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Top 7 Best Movies To Watch Out For 

Here is the list of the top 7 movies to watch out for in Disney plus right at this point in Time.

These, though not the ultimate one, is based on my choice.

1. Shang Chi And The Legend Of The 10 Rings

Shang Chi, the main hero in the film, is an underachiever. He uses a nondescript alias entitled Shuan. He lived under the shadow of his mate Slacker Katy (Awkwafina).

The initial phase was shown to be time. He was not tailormade to replace his dad who pursued as the head of the Ten Rings. 

Ten Rings is a notorious syndicate that has colluded with opponents to topple Governments !! 

Throughout the movie it was shown that Shang-Chi finally picks up the mantle he was destined to take, transforming into an outright charming and dashing hero. 

2. Hamilton

The movie needs no introduction as it turned out to be a record broker with 16 Tony nominations. It went out to win eleven of them.  

One of the best section of the entire movie (which got its Broadway debut back in 2015) is the enchanting rather thrilling Hip Hop Music by Lin-Manual Miranda.  

With this line of thought, I would like to applaud the Theatre Industry which kept the industry enlivened during the Pandemic. This was a commendable job indeed!

3. The Lion King

The Lion King deserves to be in the top three on my list because of the legacy it carried.  An epic story that captured the imaginations of the generation. 

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The movie was streamed by Disney Plus in a beautiful manner. The movie portrayed the grand themes of Legacy and Sacrifice. 

Just like the Plot the screen design and Animation were Grand yet plain, simple, and moving!! Thanks to the magic created by the production team.

4. Sleeping Beauty 

Arguably the best-animated movie Walt Disney has ever produced. This is indeed a historical production. 

In terms of significance, it could be kept easily besides Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, and others.

Disney with its religiosity and dexterity emotionally portrayed the fairy tale of Prince Aurora, who was cursed to sleep by Wicked Maleficent, finally rescued by Prince Phillip. 

5. A Goofy Movie 

The film was directed by Kevin Lima. The story was written by Jim Magon, Chris Matheson, and Brian Pimental. 

A Goofy movie, though in its release in 1995 with a so-so response, later on in a few decades earned the status of a Cult. 

The movie will be ever remembered for the use of sound.

6. The Hunchback of Notre Dame 

The movie was directed by  Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. The script was penned by  Tab Murphy, Irene Mecchi and Bob Tzudiker, and others. 

The movie is remembered for its sumptuous portrayal of simple themes. 

If not the best plot but interesting indeed especially in the way the entire projection was done. The Film blends the natural elements Clinically.

7. Tarzan

Directed by  Kevin Lima and Chris Buck, the film is definitely a record breaker and worth a re-watch. 

The film will be remembered for its simplistic portrayal. 

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You will love the movie because it does not change the narrative from the Tarzan that you used to watch when you were little.


All the films that form on my list are great endeavors done by the respective directors. 

Indeed the Streaming service has worked to completely change the cinematic experience of the people. 

Disney needs to be indeed credited for its own production as well as the Disney Plus, its dedicated streaming platform. 


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