Best mattress toppers for 2021

If you want to add an extra comfort layer or thickness to your current mattress setup rather than purchasing a whole new bed, a mattress topper could be the perfect solution. A bed topper is much more affordable than buying a new mattress. And if you’re an in-bed snacker, a topper can keep your bed cleaner by protecting it from stains or spills. Honestly, there are endless reasons for wanting a topper. 

Whatever your reason for wanting a new mattress topper, it can be hard to settle on just one since there’s a seemingly endless array of options out there. That’s why I’ve rounded up my top favorites from the dozens of mattress toppers I’ve tested over the years. As a professional sleep-product tester, I’ve essentially seen it all, so I feel pretty confident about my picks for the best mattress topper. 

Below, I break down my best mattress topper picks according to type and what I think they’ll help most with. Do you want the best mattress topper for back pain or pressure relief? Are you a strict side sleeper who needs a soft sleeping surface? Maybe you’re on a tight budget and want an affordable topper. This list can help you narrow down your search to help you choose the best mattress topper for you. 

Prices shown are for the queen size models. We update this list periodically.

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Allswell Home

If you suffer from back pain, first of all, I feel for you, and it’s important to find a supportive option that provides relief. Walmart decided to enter the online bedding game and came up with the Allswell brand, which has quality toppers at super affordable prices. 

The Allswell copper gel-infused mattress topper is 4 inches thick and adds a significant amount of support to your mattress. Especially if your bed is on the thinner side — less than eight inches in height. Back pain sufferers benefit from thick, supportive surfaces, and this one is more hefty than many of the different toppers out there, including the ones on this list. 

It has a medium-firm profile around 7 out of 10, with 10 being the firmest. It’ll ensure your spine is supported and kept in a neutral position, whereas a soft surface will allow your back to sink and promote an unnatural, uncomfortable curvature. 

The Allswell copper gel-infused topper is made with memory foam and in turn, has a slow-responding memory-foam feel. Still, it’s not as obvious as DreamFoam (see below), thanks to the poly foam layer underneath. The topper is also infused with copper gel to help draw your body heat away from you. It doesn’t feel cooling by any means, but it didn’t retain heat like traditional memory foam can. 

Nest Bedding

Hot sleepers (like me) who seek temperature relief during the night, but don’t have the money to buy a new, breathable mattress might enjoy the cooling topper from Nest Bedding. 

It’s two inches thick and made with its special Energex foam, which feels airy and responsive. I think it’s similar to neutral-foam, as opposed to memory foam — which can be dense and slow to respond. You can see little air bubbles in the foam, allowing more airflow to move through the bed. Wrapping the slab of foam is a textured gray cover with straps on all four corners to secure the topper to the mattress, which effectively keeps it from sliding around on the bed. 

The cover is made with the same cooling material found in the Nest Alexander mattresses. It’s not ice-cold, but it’s not soft or heat-retaining like other toppers might be. When you run your hand across the cover, the fibers feel more smooth than fluffy and help contribute to a more temperature-neutral sleep. 

Prices start at $219 for a twin size Nest Bedding cooling mattress topper, and go up to $329 for a California king size. 


DreamFoam comes from the reliable Brooklyn Bedding brand, which manufactures all of its products in-house in the US. If you’re a tried-and-true memory foam fan, boy, do I have a recommendation for you. 

The second I lay down on this topper I literally uttered, “Whoa,” because the memory foam feel was so intense. Its foam is so soft that your body immediately sinks in, and you become nestled in a you-shaped cocoon. Compare this to a TempurPedic topper, which is so dense it takes a few moments for the foam to activate and compress.

The DreamFoam Gel Swirl topper adds another two inches to your already existing mattress, and it’s really pleasant if you’re looking for that traditional memory foam feel. Not to mention it’s affordable. I would rate the firmness between medium and medium-soft. Though, with that said, the softer the mattress that you put it on top of, the more plush it’s going to feel. I think it’s ideal for side sleepers, or real lightweight sleepers who prefer a soft topper sleeping surface. 

Prices start at $50 for a twin size and go up to $85 for a king — and there are two queen sizes. (DreamFoam is currently offering 26% off on mattresses, too.)

Slumber Yard

If you’re a side sleeper looking to soften up your bed, or you just want to add another layer of plushness to your already cozy mattress, I’d consider the Layla memory foam topper. It’s not a dense memory foam feel, but a light and airy one, similar to the feel of the Layla mattress. It kind of reminds me of neutral-foam in that it’s more fluffy than slow-responding. 

This memory foam mattress topper is infused with copper gel beads, and on its website, Layla describes the feel as “cooler than cool.” I don’t want you to get your hopes up that this topper will provide an ultimate cooling sensation, but you should be relieved to know it doesn’t sleep hot. I didn’t feel overly warm while on this topper, and I’m a particularly hot sleeper. So, unless you live in a hot region or you refuse to run a fan on a hot summer night, I think it’s going to be pretty comfortable for you. 

Like many of the toppers on this list, the Layla topper will add two inches to the height of your existing bed. It’s definitely on the soft side of the spectrum, so I repeat: Side sleepers, this memory foam mattress topper is definitely for you! It’ll make your firm mattress feel soft and your soft mattress feel even softer. 

I also really love how it comes with a cover, and appreciate the detail in the hexagonal, honeycomb-like pattern. Even though you’ll probably cover it with your sheets, it’s pretty enough to go without if you really wanted. It also matches perfectly with the Layla mattress if you happen to sleep on one! 

A twin-size Layla topper retails for $199 and goes up to $399 for a California king. 

Slumber Yard

There are plenty of benefits to a natural latex foam topper, including the fact that it’s made with nontoxic, sustainably sourced materials. The Birch Plush Organic cotton and latex mattress topper is also hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, so mold, bacteria, mildew and other household allergens can’t collect on the inside. It also allows for more airflow than your typical memory foam or poly foam topper, thanks to the perforations down the foam.

The Birch topper is a whopping three inches thick, made with a slab of certified organic latex, soft organic wool and an organic cotton cover. That means it’s nontoxic and free of harsh chemicals like VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and flame retardants. This latex mattress topper is also hand-made in California. 

It feels super-bouncy, supportive and supple. The Birch topper immediately bounces back when you take away pressure, and you sit more on top of the layer rather than deep inside. I’d rate the Birch topper around a medium-firm to firm on the scale, or around a seven to eight: It’s definitely firm and probably best for people who want to make their bed feel more solid. I’d even call it the best firm mattress topper on the market. 

Natural latex and organic products aren’t necessarily cheap, but keep in mind the extra care it took to reach the final product and you can see the value.

A twin size Birch topper retails for $300 and goes up to $550 for a California king. 


If you want a mattress topper with Prime shipping, check out the two- or three-inch-thick Linenspa topper. Both toppers (which are identical except for the thickness) have over 50,000 reviews on Amazon and boast a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. For the price, I’d have to agree with the majority of sleepers.

Depending on the size you choose, you’re either going to get a soft memory foam feel or a distinct one. The three-inch option is soft and will feel more plush, whereas the 2-inch model feels a slight bit firmer. When you press your whole hand into the foam, it takes a few seconds for it to spring back into its original form. It ultimately will come down to the money you want to spend, and how soft a mattress profile you want. 

The Linenspa mattress topper is covered in tiny blue beads that promote heat distribution across the topper, instead of allowing your body heat to collect around your midsection and warm you up while you sleep. It doesn’t sleep cool, but it is better than a traditional memory foam topper. 

Now, let’s get to one of the best parts about the Linenspa topper. Prices start at $40 for a twin model and go up to $80 for a California king size. 


If you’re into the clean, white, luxe-looking style, then you might appreciate the ViscoSoft Serene Hybrid topper. It’s called a hybrid because there are two different parts to it; the 2.5-inch slab of memory foam, and 1.5 inches of a down-alternative pillow top. You get the best of both worlds: a supportive base and a plush, fluffy top layer. 

I really like this topper because I don’t love the feel of memory foam, and the fluffy down-alternative layer neutralizes the feel so it’s not as slow responding or nestling as the traditional stuff. Plus, the pillow-top cover is made from satin and has a 300-thread count, so it feels super-smooth and soft to the touch. 

The cover completely wraps the memory foam slab and goes all the way down to the bottom of the mattress, where you tuck it on the bottom like you would with a fitted sheet. That way, it stays put on your mattress and won’t slide around if you tend to toss and turn in bed. 

Another plus about the cover besides its coziness is that it’s machine washable. Remove the straps, take the memory foam layer out from inside, and throw it in the washing machine. Just make sure you wash with cold water and tumble dry. 

ViscoSoft currently is offering as much as 40% off on all of its toppers. Prices start at $150 for a twin and go up to $220 for a California king.

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