Best Examples of Product Landing Pages

Are you looking for product landing page inspirations to create converting landing pages for your products?

Landing pages for products are an excellent way to inform potential customers about your product or services. With a well-optimized product landing page layout, it’s much simpler to increase trust and the number of conversions.

There are hundreds of blog posts and case studies out there on building effective product landing pages, covering everything from best landing page platforms to copywriting, and testing. But, many of them are targeted towards only lead generation methods.

In this guide, we will let you go through what a landing page is and share some of the best product landing page examples that will inspire you.

What is a Product Landing Page?

A product landing page is a specially designed web page on your website to promote and sell products or services. The visitors can land on your product landing pages by clicking on your website on search results, by a link in the email newsletter, by a link over social media posts, or even by paid ads.

After visitors access your website, the job of your product landing page is to convert those visitors into leads or sales.

You can promote multiple types of products on a landing page, like:

  • Digital products like eBooks and online courses.
  • Physical products from your online store like furniture, T-shirts, bags, and more.
  • Online subscriptions and memberships.

Top Product Landing Page Examples:

1- Nicky Cornell Gold Furniture

Nicky Cornell is an online furniture store in the United Kingdom that offers a large collection of furniture for your home.

They have created a dedicated landing page for their gold bedroom furniture collection where they have beautifully listed all the products with pricing details.

Also, to boost user engagement and to help customers in selecting a product of their choice in their pricing range, they are using a live chat feature on their landing page.

2- Internal Doors Shaker Doors

Internal Doors offers a wide collection of doors to buy in the UK. In their shaker doors collection page, they are using a clean design that is easy to navigate.

Also, they are using product reviews on the site to persuade the users to buy the products.

They have also mentioned the price of every product along with the stock details. A CTA button is also added that gets displayed after the visitor hovers the mouse over the product. With this button, visitors can view the full details of any product.

Visitors can also sort the products by best selling and low or high price range. Along with this, they have added a massive list of filters on the landing page that helps visitors find the perfect product. Moreover, they are also using a live chat feature to enhance user engagement.

3- Hermes Luxury Goods Collection

Hermes is an online store in the USA offering French luxury products like shoes, belts, and fragrances. Their landing page is a great inspiration for all ecommerce websites. They have used a video on their landing page that boosts the site UX.

They are also using a call to action that forces users to visit their latest collection of men’s summer clothes.

As an ecommerce store owner, you can use this strategy by creating and editing videos using an online video editor to improve the time spent by the users on your store and increase the level of engagement.

4- Personal Canvas Prints Acrylic Prints

Personal Canvas Prints is an online personalised canvas prints service provider in the UK.  Their acrylic print landing page has a very clean upload section that makes it easier for the users to upload the images of their choice.

The canvas print image is used on the left side for easier viewability and the action-oriented elements such as the image upload link is used on the right side.

Moreover, visitors can easily choose print size from the drop-down menu and can also select the colour effect and hanger size.

Final Words

The art of creating an excellent landing page for each new product or service doesn’t need to be a nightmare. Even if you are not a professional designer and don’t have any designing skills, you can still design exceptional landing pages for your products to convert visitors into loyal customers.

The above landing page examples would help you get inspiration to design a beautiful and engaging landing page to acquire more customers.


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