Best Buy early Black Friday deals are live now. Check out our favorites so far

Every retailer might call it something different, but the Black Friday deals have begun a little early this year. Best Buy has fired up its Top Deals page with a whole new collection of products, and it’s likely this is just the start of deals season here. We’ve taken a look at everything on offer through this Black Friday sale, and picked out the best deals we’ve found so far. (We’ll be adding more choices throughout the week — the sale runs through Friday.)

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Razer has a history of making some of the best gaming hardware out there, and with good reason. Underneath the matte black exteriors for most of these products is a dedication to quality and no shortage of LEDs for pretty colors you can personalize using the Razer software. The Huntsman Tournament Keyboard is one of the best you can get today, and at this price it’s even better. 

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Motorola’s stylish foldable phone has been slowly dropping in price for a couple of months now, but there are no hoops to jump through to get this deal. If you’re looking to explore foldable phones without paying full price, this is one of the better opportunities you will find today. Want to know more? Check out the full review here.

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Bella Air Fryers have been on sale at Best Buy before, but rarely will you see a deal quite this good. The 8qt model is massive compared to most other fryers, and the 1700 watt power output means it can consistently maintain the 400 degree maximum temperature when cooking. 

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Owning multiple kettlebells takes up a ton of space, it’s much better to have one capable of adjusting to different weights. JaxJox offers the ability to shift from 6lbs to 42lbs, and the connected feature allows you to use an app to better track your lifting workouts. It’s a great way to improve your workouts, especially at this new low price.

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We’ll be honest: These 2017 headphones are getting kind of long in the tooth, and they’ve been this price before. But you’re still getting a full-size noise-canceling headphone with Apple’s W1 chip for under $200. Check out our review, but remember that it’s from four years ago.

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