Best Black Friday Amazon Echo Deals: Smart speakers, smart displays and more

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Whether you’re looking to kickstart a smart home or expand the one you have, Amazon has solid deals on several Echo devices that fit the bill. From smart speakers to smart displays and all the odd Amazon gadgets in between, the savings are happening now.

Amazon will likely have lots of sales throughout the month leading up to Black Friday, but the prices we’re seeing now are solid deals worth grabbing. Highlights include the newest version of the Amazon Echo for 40% off, the latest Echo Dot for $35 and more.

Below, you’ll find our current favorite deals for Amazon Echo devices. Looking for more sales? Check out Best Buy’s new early Black Friday sale, some early favorites at Target, and Walmart’s early Black Friday sales starting Nov. 3. 

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The newest Amazon Echo sports a spiffy design alongside built-in antennas to help you set up your peripheral smart home gadgets. It even has nice sound quality for its size. 

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This may not be the biggest sale of the season on the Echo Dot, but it’s a solid option at 30% off if you don’t want to wait it out for a better deal. This latest version of the Echo Dot is the smartest and best sounding yet. 

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If your Amazon Alexa needs are pretty basic, a third-gen Echo Dot will get you pretty far. At this price, it makes a great stocking stuffer or augmentation for your smart home if you need Alexa in just one more room. 

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Grab the kiddie version of Amazon’s smallest smart speaker at a discount this holiday season. Fun designs and kid-safe settings make this smart speaker set this smart speaker apart. 

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The latest Echo Show 8 comes with a much better camera than the original, with 13 MP and pan and zoom capability. This new model also has a better processor, but loses the auxiliary jack. Design, speakers and Alexa features remain the same. 

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Chris Monroe/CNET

Amazon’s smallest smart display has just a 5.5-inch screen, but comes with all of Alexa’s best features. It has a 2MP camera with a physical shutter, and you can get it in glacier white, charcoal or the newest option, deep sea blue (pictured above). 

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The Echo Show 5 is a good gift option for kids who want Alexa around. You’ll get the same specs as the regular Echo Show 5 but with more parental control settings and a fun, bright green chameleon skin. 

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Amazon’s Echo Auto puts Alexa in your car. If you own an older car, this gadget (normally $50) lets you request songs or playlists with Amazon Music, Spotify or other Alexa-connected services, check traffic on the way home and make hands-free calls.

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