Benefits Of Phone Validation For Your eCommerce Business

Validating clients’ phone information is important in any line of business. It’s particularly important if you happen to work in eCommerce and rely on accurate customer data for the delivery of products. In addition to improving delivery rates, did you know that phone validation can minimize your vulnerability to fraud? Indeed, when you need to verify your clients’ identity, there are few tools more reliable than a phone verification campaign. People often change email addresses or supply inaccurate information, but a phone number is a consistent and reliable identifier for verifying a client’s personal information.

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Increase Value of Leads & Prospects

Every eCommerce business needs a steady stream of customers, but the success of your business depends on the quality of those customers. If you’re researching leads, for example, you want to invest in reliable, high-value prospects — and generally, the more accurate your data is, the more valuable a prospect is. This is just one reason why a phone number verification API is such a useful resource. With just a few clicks, you can validate clients’ phone data in real time and connect with them more quickly.

This increases your leads’ value by ensuring that you have accurate contact information to reach out with. Consumer data isn’t always reliable, but a verification tool can rectify inaccuracies and improve your company’s conversation rates. You can also use verified data to stay in touch with clients throughout the course of their transaction, offering updates on order fulfillment and notifications when an order has shipped or is dispatched for delivery. Customers appreciate updates like these and often become repeat clients thanks to automated updates that are sent to a verified phone number.

Confirms Authentic User

Unfortunately, companies in every sector must be on the lookout for fraudulent transactions. These orders may be placed through use of credit card fraud or they may be made with the intent of initiating a chargeback. No matter what the issue is, though, it poses a threat to your company’s bottom line when it’s left unaddressed. How can you minimize the risk of fraudulent orders and ensure that you’re only serving legitimate customers? Verifying your clients’ personal details, including their address data, is a good place to start. Fraudsters often use an incorrect address as a diversion, but you can stay one step ahead with verification tools.

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Utilizing phone and address verification can help you confirm that you’re dealing with an authentic user. An authentic user is one who places an order for legitimate purposes.

Furnishes accurate contact information, and completes payment for the transaction. Any customer who does not meet these three criteria may have ulterior motives, including motives of fraud. How can an eCommerce business detect fraudulent customers? Data analysis is the best method of prevention.

By looking at information such as the user’s IP address and their shipping address.

You can identify any disparities that might be cause for concern.

Invest in your company and protect against fraud with an address and phone number verification API.


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