Are you stressed over Covid-19 news? Here’s how you can get over it

It is only when one starts pinning blame of adversity on someone that the person actually loses control of the situation. (Representative image credit: Getty/Thinkstock)

As the lockdown like situation prevails in most parts of the country and the run of Coronavirus continues more menacingly during the second wave, social media feed and news related to Covid-19 sufferings is leaving a lot of people anxious and insecure. Since the Coronavirus has resulted in some kind of personal loss for a large number of people, the emotional breakdown and fear generated from Coronavirus related news is tormenting mental health and well being of people. The Covid-19 pandemic is not expected to end in the near future and it is essential to keep our mental health sane in order to deal with the situation better.

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Samira Gupta, a life coach and executive presence coach told the Indian Express that negative emotions can increase stress and anxiety levels and render people unmotivated to do anything productive. Gupta also said that it is indispensable that such negative emotions are channeled out from the body to save ourselves from their adverse impact.

Be grateful

As adversity knocks on our door, the human body has a tendency to turn itself into a defensive mode and focus excessively on dangers or problems that can potentially harm them. To neutralise such emotions one should feel grateful for the things they have in their life, adds Gupta.

Forgiveness can heal your mental health

Nurturing a grudge against someone or feeling slighted by some past events can ruin our present and it is very important for us to get rid of the adverse events of the past and move forward.

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Venting out emotions

Expression of deep-hearted emotions in front of our dear ones and close friends helps us feel better and relieved. Reaching out to your friends and loved ones might be difficult in person in present times but giving a patient hearing and expressing your fears, sorrow and troubles can be of immense help.

Avoid blaming

It is only when one starts pinning blame of adversity on someone that the person actually loses control of the situation. In adverse circumstances like the present times, one should only think of the best one can do and leave the rest to higher powers.

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